The Sun On Many Little Birds And Their Messages: Leo 28

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun is Leo 28: MANY LITTLE BIRDS ON THE LIMB OF A LARGE TREE

Many Little Birds In A TreeAre you hearing what’s really being said? Does it all make sense? Is it all true, or at least ‘ring true’? Are there too many noises and voices around you? Are you really tuned in or just listening to a whole lot of static?

This Symbol shows many people and many voices around and a gathering together with those of like mind, although sometimes you’re forced to be with people who don’t share the same mindset or goals. There seem to be so many possibilities or ways to go in your life. Although the overall situation is secure and stable there will still be some confusions to be resolved. You may be vulnerable to lots of chatter going on in your mind, or having too many thoughts or people, their voices or their needs to consider. Try to relax and gain some perspective until things become more settled as not all that you see or hear is going to be worth thinking about or pursuing.

Gathering with people. Sharing ideas. Multilevel marketing. Big business. Government and bureaucracy. Databases. Switchboards. The internet and chat groups. Birds. Trees.

The Caution: Being confused or immobilized. Too much advice or information. Too many voices. Having trouble hearing the essential truth. A scattering of energies.

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