The Sun On The Super Galactic Center – An Ascension In Consciousness

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

We are right before the new Moon and the Sabian Symbol for the Sun is changing in the next few hours from Libra 1: A BUTTERFLY PRESERVED AND MADE PERFECT WITH A DART THROUGH IT

Butterfly framedDo you sometimes hold yourself back? Are you stuck in a situation? This could be a very good time to let go of some (or all  ) of your attitudes or behaviours that don’t mesh with who you want to be or where you want to go. Removing the pin that keeps you clamped can lead to some amazing realisations and freedom.

This Symbol implies something vital and beautiful being “Preserved” so that the passing of time doesn’t age, decay or destroy it. Beauty in shape or form has been frozen in one moment – denying the natural process of decay. An archetypal death is symbolized; a perfection through sacrifice. As inspiring as this process can be, this can bring difficulties in moving on or changing situations. People can feel stuck with this degree, like they have no choice, can’t move forward are trapped or are being used for something that they don’t agree with. However, this degree does bring some wonderful rewards with longevity and a sense of something eternally good attached to it.

Perfection and beauty made immortal. Moments frozen in time. External beauty that’s lacking animation. The “handiwork” of creation on display. Transfiguration. Poster art.

The Caution: People being stopped from growth and change. Not letting go. Surrender and immobilization. Pinned down and unable to move. Appearances
being everything.

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun in a few hours is Libra 2: THE LIGHT OF THE SIXTH RACE TRANSMUTED TO THE SEVENTH

This is not only the degree of the Sun for the next 24 hours, but it is also the degree of the new Moon – and the energies of a lunation can last into the future – in fact, you can take the energies forward for a very long time. It depends on what happens in the next day or so, or, what conscious intent you put on moving forward…

This Symbol shows a time of new beginnings with an implementation of a brand new ascensionorder. Often, people with this degree are interested in attaining spiritual transformation and attainment. As you change and grow there’s a need to respect the value of what is waning, and take the best qualities with you into your future. This often shows people who are within reach of their ultimate potential. Some aspects of society are left behind for a higher, more evolved state. Ascension to a higher order is pictured, but there is a need to remain rooted in the reality of practicality, lest one loses one’s way.
Transference of the best of the past into the present. Younger, more vital energies taking over. Theosophy. Blavatsky’s theories. Finding kindred spirits. Ascension and the New Age.

The Caution: Losing touch with practical survival. Discrimination against the ‘lower classes’ or less evolved. Being a space-cadet. Leaving others behind as ‘not worthy’.

Here’s the link to my blog about this amazing new Moon on the Super Galactic Center New Moon Blog…

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