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March 1 marks the day that Mars starts its backward journey in Libra. Stationing on Libra 28, the Sabian Symbol is A Man Alone In Deep Gloom, Unnoticed Angels Come To His Aid: This Symbol shows help, encouragement and assistance coming when one is most in need of it.

There can be an inclination to depression with this degree, but it seems that, particularly if faith is employed, there is always some redeeming event or someone helpful turns up and the “Gloom” is dispersed and the light returns to one’s life; there is a realization that things are getting better. There are likely to be periods of going through a difficult time, but it will always dawn on you that you are being ‘helped’ in some way; ‘Angels’ come to aid those who need their help. Don’t be afraid to ask for their assistance. Have hope, faith, trust and work on changing your attitude and watch how hope returns.

Realizing you are not alone. Awareness of spiritual help. Angels, friends, helpers. Changes in the weather. Salvation versus depression. Counselors. People who lend a hand.
The Caution: Unrealistic reliance on spiritual agencies or help from others. Gloom. Not recognizing joy. Being alone and forgotten. Refusing help. Up one minute and down the next.