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The Sun is on a degree that I often see as being one of ‘mourning’ – although we, of course, do not have to mourn because of it. I see all the 5th degrees of fixed as being Symbols of mourning. I should explain: each and every degree of the zodiac is in inseparable relationship with the other 360 degrees of the zodiac. Most ‘strongly connected’ are the squares and oppositions (90 degrees and 180 degrees). The Sun today is on Leo 5: Rock Formations Towering Over A Deep Canyon… I will explain first before giving my commentary on this degree:

Rock Formations Towering Over A Deep CanyonStarting with Taurus 5: A Widow, Fresh And Soul-Cleansed From Grief, Stands At An Open Grave, Ready to Receive The Secret To Eternal Life.

Then Leo 5: Rock Formations Towering Over A Deep Canyon.

Scorpio 5: A Massive Rocky Shore Resists The Pounding Of The Sea.

Aquarius 5: A Council Of Ancestors Have Been Called To Guide A Man.

All of these degrees speak of the sometimes incessant call for mourning, letting go, loss, deprivation and difficulty. Of course(!) they contain a gift, all of the Symbols do, without fail, but this particular set is difficult.

The Rock Formations Towering Over A Deep Canyon can represent the gulf between you and where you want to be, it can show the need to just jump into the void, trusting that all will be okay, it is about seeing where you might have painted yourself into a corner, have your back against the wall, feel like you’re between a rock and a hard place. Jumping is most likely the right answer – what do you have to lose when your back is against the wall?

The acceptance of loss and allowing yourself to mourn the past (even if only for a minute or two) can move you past the past and into the future. As unknown as it can be, it at least promises that what is in front of you can be different from what is behind you.

I feel hesitant to add that tomorrow’s Mars degree sets off another rather difficult chain of fixed degrees – but, it can be the breaking of the ties that bind. More on that later… for now, we have Leo 5 and perhaps we have to be good Geronimos…

No wonder it’s all falling apart in Palestine/Israel… this is the degree of the Moon in Israel’s chart… Masada comes to mind with that… along with the opening of the Red Sea… the feeling of being hemmed in is very real for the state of Israel, as it is for the Palestinians.


This Symbol shows situations that tend to be rock solid, steady and established. You may find that the natural structure of situations in your life are, on the one hand, carefully developed over time (there is a history here), but on the other hand, it’s right on the edge of a deep chasm. There seems to be no going back; forward is the only way out and the solution may be just to ‘jump into the void’. It may be a lonely journey, but you could find new depths of experience that others could only imagine. Still, situations may look unchanging and stuck with your back against the wall, but time may tell a different story. The choice: taking chances or standing still.

Old structures and deep hazards. Doing a “Geronimo”. Extreme sports. Risk taking. Great heights. Waterfalls. Monuments. Giant leaps of faith required in order to move forward.

The Caution: Painting your self into a corner. Not being able to retrace one’s steps. Erosion. Cracks appearing. Feeling like life is impossibly hard. No safety nets.