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The Sabian Symbol for Venus is Gemini 23: THREE FLEDGLINGS IN A NEST HIGH UP IN A TREE

– how ‘tightly’ are you loBird Fountain Drinkcked into situations? Do you have room to move? Are you fighting for small bits of nourishment – anything you can get? Are there sharing issues going on? Are others pulling their weight?

This Symbol implies a situation of people sharing a space, living together and cohabitating as they grow and mature. Situations are likely to be full of promise for the future. The spirit of people and events may not be quite ready yet to fly on its own and is still in need of the “mother” – or the company of siblings and friends – to sustain, protect and nourish. The time for independence will come, and probably soon, however it may be too soon to break out on your own. Know that you will be able to rise up and leave the security and venture out on your own. Although there can sometimes be a feeling of being left alone and neglected, there is still a sense of safety.

Integration of spirit, soul and body. Discovering a whole new sense of being. Being high up and detached. Nests and tree houses. Sibling rivalry. Working at getting along.

The Caution: Wanting to fly before being ready. Psychological immaturity. Dependence on externals for survival. Being stuck in a domestic situation. Making big compromises.

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