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A bit on Jupiter and Mars and the square that we’re experiencing….

standglas_bernini.dove.lgSome of you will recall that I wrote something similar to this a week ago when the Sun was on Leo 5 – now Jupiter is on it and Mars is squaring it from Scorpio 5. Here, I’m repeating some of what I said in that earlier post… 

Jupiter is on a degree, Leo 5, that I often see as being one of a set of ‘mourning’ degrees – although we, of course, do not have to mourn because of it.

I see all the 5th degrees of fixed as being Symbols of mourning. To explain: each and every degree of the zodiac is in inseparable relationship with the other 360 degrees of the zodiac. Most ‘strongly connected’ are the squares and oppositions (90 degrees and 180 degrees). Jupiter is currently on Leo 5: Rock Formations Towering Over A Deep Canyon… I will explain first about the 5 degrees of fixed before giving my commentary on this degree:

Starting with Taurus 5: A Widow, Fresh And Soul-Cleansed From Grief, Stands At An Open Grave, Ready to Receive The Secret To Eternal Life.

Then Leo 5: Rock Formations Towering Over A Deep Canyon (this is where Jupiter is now)

Scorpio 5: A Massive Rocky Shore Resists The Pounding Of The Sea (this is where Mars is now)

Aquarius 5: A Council Of Ancestors Have Been Called To Guide A Man.

All of these degrees speak of the sometimes incessant call for mourning, letting go, loss, deprivation and difficulty. Of course(!) they contain a gift, all of the Symbols do, without fail, but this particular set is difficult.

The Rock Formations Towering Over A Deep Canyon can represent the gulf between you and where you want to be, it can show the need to just jump into the void, trusting that all will be okay, it is about seeing where you might have painted yourself into a corner, have your back against the wall, feel like you’re between a rock and a hard place. Jumping is most likely the right answer – what do you have to lose when your back is against the wall?


This Symbol shows situations that tend to be rock solid, steady and established. You may find that the natural structure of situations in your life are, on the one hand, carefully developed over time (there is a history here), but on the other hand, it’s right on the edge of a deep chasm. There seems to be no going back; forward is the only way out and the solution may be just to ‘jump into the void’. It may be a lonely journey, but you could find new depths of experience that others could only imagine. Still, situations may look unchanging and stuck with your back against the wall, but time may tell a different story. The choice: taking chances or standing still.

Old structures and deep hazards. Doing a “Geronimo”. Extreme sports. Risk taking. Great heights. Waterfalls. Monuments. Giant leaps of faith required in order to move forward.

The Caution: Painting yourself into a corner. Not being able to retrace one’s steps. Erosion. Cracks appearing. Feeling like life is impossibly hard. No safety nets.

The acceptance of loss and allowing yourself to mourn the past (even if only for a minute or two) can move you past the past and into the future. As unknown as it can be, it at least promises that what is in front of you can be different from what is behind you.

No wonder it’s all falling apart in Palestine/Israel – Jupiter is conjunct the Moon of Israel’s chart while Mars is squaring it. In history, the story of Masada comes to mind with that… along with the opening of the Red Sea… the feeling of being hemmed in is very real for the state of Israel, as it is for the Palestinians.

The acceptance of loss and allowing yourself to mourn the past (even if only for a minute or two) can move you past the past and into the future. As unknown as it can be, it at least promises that what is in front of you can be different from what is behind you.

Mars is exactly square Jupiter. Mars is on Scorpio 5: The Massive Rocky Shore Resists The Pounding Of The Sea. There can be a feeling of being ‘pounded’… this is a degree that often asks that we change our beliefs, our strongholds perhaps, our attachments to something or someone.


This Symbol often implies a relentless resistance to change, along with a strong and abiding endurance and ability to stay with things for a long time. It can show periodic feelings of being under emotional assault, like life is wearing you out or grinding you down. Perhaps the same old conversations, problems, issues keep coming up. Have faith in the fact that you are strong enough to resist and maintain – like the “Massive” shoreline, you have the ability to resist things that test or “Pound” you. The question is: How long can you hold out, especially if it’s been going on for so long? Love and compassion probably need to be employed, along with knowing when to allow change to happen and when to let go when things are no longer working.

Unchanging reality. The establishment. Being strong under assault. Feeling battered and bruised. Chinese water torture. Evolution. Endurance. Strength. Having strong muscles.

The Caution: Acting out of stubbornness which can lead to inertia, not growth. Tedious negotiations of all kinds. Shooting your self in the foot. Fighting the elements.

3 replies to A Bit On Jupiter And Mars And The Square That We’re Experiencing…

  1. A minor, but ironic connection I wanted to point out between one of the Sabian Symbols for 8/4/14 and a disturbing news story that was circulating on that date: the symbol is “Jupiter on Leo 5: ROCK FORMATIONS TOWERING OVER A DEEP CANYON”, and the news story was about an incident of extreme animal cruelty, i.e., a tourist standing on one of the cliffs at the Grand Canyon was videoed kicking a squirrel over the edge of the cliff into the canyon. As I said, a minor connection, to be sure, but I found it interesting that a Sabian Symbol and a news story for the same date both had a deep canyon and rock formations figuring in them.

    1. Yes, I saw that…. some people… but yes, that would figure, for sure. Thanks for leaving a comment. It is interesting to see how the Symbols play out in the world around us…

    2. I hear that PETA is offering a $15,000 reward for the arrest and prosecution of the brute. Even if he’s never found, hopefully he’ll spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder. (I know, bad karma to wish vindictive things on people, but I was sick to my stomach after reading the story. My mother used to say that people who can be that cruel to animals are capable of being just as cruel, if not worse, to other people.

      I’m always amazed at how the symbols work! About 4 years ago I was coming out of my dentist’s office after having some minor work done, and as I was driving away, I received your tweet for the latest edition of the newsletter, which was “The Dentist at Work; April’s Scorpio Full Moon.” I laughed all the way home! More recently, I was amazed at how a couple of the newsletter emphasized immigrants while all this mess is going on here in the States over how the immigrant children are being brought into the country.

      I love your work with the symbols, and I know you’ve hit a very rough patch in the last year (or more). I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers that things will improve. I wanted to donate to your site a couple of times, but I’ve been having a rough time myself with my family in the last couple of years, and one time when I DID try to donate, my donation wasn’t accepted through the site for some reason. Then I never got around to trying it again later. Apologies, I hope to see my way clear again in the next couple of months to be able to donate a little something. Best wishes and blessings to you and your family and for the success of this new site!

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