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Mercury is retrograde on Aquarius 14: A TRAIN ENTERING A TUNNEL

Raton TunnelWhat is it that you feel you need to head towards? Are you sensing the need to get ‘real’ about situations that you may have been a bit all over the place with? What can you do to streamline things? Is it time to focus on something you’ve been avoiding? Realising that Mercury is retrograde can help with the fact that you may make some changes along the way – that you might even make some reversals, but Mercury’s message seems to be about getting and keeping that focus. Perhaps, with the retrograde, it’s not so much about focusing on the ‘light at the end of that tunnel’, but more on the journey with it’s complications and details to be attended to. Where are you heading? Are you all over the place or into taking shortcuts? Only you will know what is, or what will, work for you.
This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, of being able to go straight ahead, towards your objectives without being distracted or lead off your path. The “Train Enters a Tunnel”, it is on one track that leads in a certain direction and it doesn’t deviate or stop to assess where it’s going; it simply keeps going straight ahead. You may need to cut through the obstacles in your life and go straight ahead, regardless of the unseen hazards you may encounter along the way. You have a great deal of drive and many others are likely to be with you, so plough on. Push through with what you need to do, making sure that you pay attention to other’s needs along the way.

Deep penetration. Cutting through detail. Persistence. Shortcuts to a desired end. Going for the objective. Near death experiences. Heart bypasses, physical, emotional, spiritual.

The Caution: Being overcautious. Taking the long way around. Tunnel vision. Cutting people off. Having a one-track mind that doesn’t allow for detours or deviations. Cold.

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