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Mad as hell 2Here’s my Daily Rave – we have some amazing energies coursing through us at the moment – amazing.

Mars and Uranus conjunct (together on the same degree), trining Jupiter in Leo… the messages are extraordinary. I got gripped to make this recording and so I made it With the incredibly strong energies around, I speak very quickly in this recording. I hope you can keep up with my Australian accent! Feel free to leave a comment… click play above.

Click here for the Sabian Symbol report for this chart… 

4 replies to Open Ears, Open Heart, Open Soul: Jupiter On Leo 14 – Whispers In Our Ears

    1. So needed. It calms me to hear you. Pleaee keep ranting. It calms me! You are not alone in this. Ive been sitting here in meditation feeling it all!! Wow and what will tomorow be like? I am nervous! Thr good part is we are feeling it , we are one and it is about TIME we clear the bullshit :)


  1. Lynda, I really needed to hear this right now!
    Pretty much sums up where I’ve been living.
    Your words are nearly exact to those which I’ve been speaking to myself!
    Thank you!
    I love your Australian accent! ;)

  2. I get a lot out of your rants and daily raves, thanks for sounding them!
    I’m listening to the messages and trying not to be bullied into action by others. I feel in my gut I know what I need to do, thanks for the reminders.

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