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Below is my audio take on this Pisces Total Solar Eclipse that’s smack on the Equinox.

The Fisherman And The Siren - Lord Frederick LeightonSolar Eclipse on the Equinox chart set for Washington DC

7 replies to The March Solar Eclipse On The Equinox:

  1. Its amazing when I hear the messages from the Symbols so loud and clear from the audio recordings you do Lynda – its great – thankyou so much for posting them, I really enjoy listening.

    But this New Moon is so fantastic and coming at a time I didn’t realize – I have been waiting for many months to finish a lease I have reluctantly been paying for over many months. I am finally moving after 10 long years from a place I have loved, to a better place. This transition has been a roller coaster. But to hear the news that this huge New Moon is on Friday was just wonderful – it is the day the lease ends.

    Looking forward to burying some things Friday :)

    Cheers Lynda!

  2. Lynda,
    These audios are blowing me away!! So informative and educational! I learned a great deal from reading your thorough posts, but your improvisational nature really comes through, and it’s an inspiration!
    I’m planning my own deep ceremony of releasing what is not longer necessary or of beauty but mindful to retain ALL of the beautiful memories and true love that resulted from my recent marriage of 25 years that I/we are gracefully transitioning from, thanks to the brownies, angels, ancestors, and the likes of you and other sage teachers, helping to guides us on the path with the light of love……deep gratitude…

  3. Thank you. I am on chills the whole ride! Thank you! It is a pleasure. I noticed the first toe of that energy per say… it made me so happy.

  4. Hi Lynda,

    Have been reading your articles each week, but is the first time I have heard your audio. So much information and intuition of heart comes through.

    Problem I am having is it keeps turning off after 15 minutes into the cast. Can you let me know what’s up with the recording. Or can you email NY the full in another format perhaps?

    On a personal note to the pre eclipse energy, today started out with a strong propting towards action to voicing change. I felt confident in this, but this afternoon and evening have been battling fear. I am trying to stay with my affermations and in a place of courage, but back pedling a bit. Help!! I hope tomorrow the new moon brings the welcome change.

    1. Hi Leanne, I’ll have to check out what’s happening with that. I can upload the file again to Soundcloud if it’s an issue… I’m glad you’re enjoying the audios!


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