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Mad as hell 2

Mad as hell and not going to take it any more? Ha… well, you’re probably experiencing the planetary energies at the moment… here’s my latest Daily Rave.

2 replies to Daily Rave May 30 2015

  1. Gosh Lynda, I love coming here and listening to the Raves … there’s always something which rings bells from the Symbols.
    I cant go past 1 minute 25 seconds without posting to say “the mysterious respiratory condition” – I have it – I don’t know exactly what it is , but its bad enough for me to book into the doctors to find out.
    Amazing to come here and its the first thing you mention … LOL.

    … now back to resume normal programming :)

    1. Thanks, Deleece! I so appreciate you dropping by… the respiratory condition – jeez… I hope you’re better by now… so many have had it. Weird – it’s not only here in Australia, but folks in the States, too…

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