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Not_This_Shit_AgainHere’s my latest Daily Rave. I hope you enjoy it :)

There’s some very interesting energies going on, some very frustrating, some illuminating and some you may want to lie on the lounge and try your hardest to forget. BUT, and this is a big but, we have the Moon’s node going over the Super Galactic Center!

There’s loads going on and we may feel a bit lost in it all. From July onwards, things look way way better, almost like we are being launched from a new launch pad…

I have no idea why there is so much white space here when I post an audio… just scroll down to find the audio bar. Weird.

8 replies to Daily Rave June 23 2015 – Planes, Plain Sailing And The Super Galactic Center

  1. Love Love Love your Daily Rave Lynda! You are just amazingly awesome and so interesting to listen to! Your “off the cuff” discussion of astrological events and their tie to the Sabian Symbols and how those relationships all play out on the world stage is hugely fascinating. You are brilliant! I always look forward to anything you put out. Thank you for the passion and hard work you put in to everything you do. Blessings and Love, Keryn

  2. Hi, Lynda,

    Didn’t you mean “mutual arision”? When things arise mutually?

    Warm Regards, Xavier

  3. Lynda, you are just amazing! Thank you for all that you do to inform people through your work. This Daily Rave is particularly “on target”… I am hearing it for the first time today and am astounded at your take on “how much better everyone will be feeling” by this point!! Obama’s Healthcare Plan stands up to the test and Marriage For All is now the law of the land in the US!! I feel like sanity has returned and even though there will be those few loud voices crying out against healthcare and equality, much has been gained that cannot now be lost! Hopefully the disgruntled fear-mongers will start to look elsewhere to whine and, as you say…”windge”.

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