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The Sun and Juno are both on Libra 5: A MAN TEACHING THE TRUE INNER KNOWLEDGE OF THE NEW WORLD TO HIS STUDENTS – and here we are – this is the degree of the Sun at this total lunar eclipse.

A Man Teaching The True Inner Knowledge Of The New World To His StudentsThis Symbol implies the gaining of wisdom and the passing on of knowledge to others who are receptive to the teachings. It can also show ‘channeling’ of pure instinctual knowledge. Whether you are a “Student” or a “Teacher”, information is available to you and others and there’s much to be learnt. The “True Inner Knowledge” may be conventional teachings or wisdom, although it’s more likely to be more modern concepts that are being passed on as this is about “The New World”. Insight, knowledge, and, experience are present. Conventional certifications of knowledge, such as diplomas, are probably not important; it’s what’s being brought through that’s important.

Looking within. Being a guiding light. Seeking the truth. Teachers of the “New World”. Having the answers that others seek. Listening and learning. Instinctual knowledge.

The Caution: Dogmatism. Believing that one has the only answers. Arrogance. Evangelism. The blind leading the blind. Feeling above everybody. Gurus and cult dogma.

And, it’s curious that we also have Chiron on Pisces 19: A MASTER INSTRUCTING THEIR DISCIPLE

This shows the ability, or the need, to be a student, a “Disciple”, or a teacher, a “Master”. AtAncient of Days times you’ll find yourself being either one or the other. You may be the teacher or the pupil, but remember that it is often the teacher that learns and the pupil that teaches. This shows taking time for the transfer of higher knowledge and wisdom. It’s also a sign to listen to your own higher wisdom. Someone with something worthwhile to say will usually find someone eager to listen. When you have a need to learn something, it seems that the “Master” will always appear. To give and to receive. Listening and learning. Knowledge, wisdom and spirituality. Knowing what questions to ask. Doing the homework. Manuscripts, books and lessons.

The Caution: Dogmatic instruction by rote. Talking down to others. Having a “know-it-all” attitude. Manipulating for a personal agenda. One-eyed attitudes. Unbending intellect.


We also have Mercury retrograde on Libra 10: A PROFESSOR PEERING OVER HIS GLASSES AT HIS STUDENTS – although Mercury is moving off this degree any minute…

Professor Peering Over The Top Of His Glasses At His StudentsThis Symbol speaks of the ability, or the necessity, of looking at people as humans and not through the lens of something learned from books. It’s as though the aspects of the rational mind and the intuition require a different kind of focus. Seeing people for who they really are leads to better and kinder relationships, as does dropping judgmental opinions or relying on science or complicated codes of thought for answers. You may need to interrupt your rational mind to realize your intuitive ideas. At times you may feel like the “Professor” and at other times “The Student”. Having the eyes to see each other in the true light of day is the goal. Different perceptions for different situations. Seeing that others get the message. Glasses and lenses. Observing others. Giving advice. Teachers. The ability to ‘read others’.

The Caution: Egoistic or superior positions that others have a lesser position or intelligence. Distortions of perception or observation. Condescending behavior. Bossy.

So, what is it that you’re learning/teaching/disseminating/thinking about this total lunar eclipse?

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