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standglas_bernini.dove.lgThis coming Aquarian new Moon is a big one. Being squared by Mars in Scorpio, it seems set to be quite a challenge, especially to the status quo (of life, the universe, everything :) )

Here’s a Daily Rave I made (an audio) about this new Moon. There’s a lot to say… I hope you enjoy it!

1 replies to Lynda’s Daily Rave Audio On February’s Aquarius New Moon

  1. I love your Daily raves Lynda, I love your passion and your authenticity. Your messages are an awakening. You touch on many things which are so relevant and floating around in the Collective Consciousness. I can see with this New Moon that many (a sense of many things) are very chaotic – when that happens, I am quite happy to stand inside the vortex and watch the outside spinning around.

    I’m just going to place my thoughts down about the Symbols as you read them out from audio – just my thoughts floating, and being flung around inside my head…

    Yep, its the Olive Branch time – who do we pass the branch onto. Who needs the message, the healing and the gentle simplicity of the White Dove. Everyone.
    With the Dove also flying straight and strong towards it’s purpose – it may need many branches to deliver.

    The woman disappointed and disillusioned …
    I feel this energy around me – sometimes I think its a blessing of self realization. For me, I am happy to stand a see my bigger picture in my own retrospective – better, in my mind, than having a critic stand their and give me their impression of the artwork of which I am.

    I havent been on Facebook for years – and being back on it recently, I notice the news, the postings, the pictures – I notice the temperature of the conversations and the underlying tensions and competitions. These were some of the reasons I left it back then.
    I decided to not miander on FB this time around – but try to be purposefull – I dont need to be led, I need to lead until I can walk down the purposefull pathways that are on some of the Social Media sites – I need to find that scorching glaring bright light of illumination that must be there. Its hard to breath on Facebook – I need to sweep the curtains open and let the light in – and the fresh crisp air!

    Venus square Uranus & the Capricorns – There isnt the space to explain what has happened recently where this Symbol is/has been so absolutely relevant! Saying “yes” to things and then realizing that I really should not push the envelope if I get one inkling that the answer should be ‘know’ – How learning this is! The consequences of saying yes have led to a great deal of time, money, energy, anxiety and pressure being spent and experienced – the “know-ing” (NOing) been a like an investment in a self trust fund. I guess I will need this resource somewhere later down the track.

    The child with the bags… why in the hell I am carrying the weight of others – these thoughts went through my heads 15 minutes before pressing the play button for the Rave – My sneaky suspicion is that I said “sure, I’ll help”. OK its not a suspicion I did offer to carry the bags – I didnt realize they were filled with bricks. But Im sure this is one of my Birth Symbols. The Bag Lady – LOL!

    The hospital Ward degree – now we have the WHO talking about the Mosquito Ziki Virus.

    Two Spinsters… sometimes is best to sit and ponder – with a cup of tea.

    The Empty Hammock… how I long for a rest sometimes. I have found myself catching 15 minutes of deep sleep only to wake and know the next thing I have to do – (carry more bags around ;))

    A woman entering a convent… very specific this Moon, so many gender based Symbols – -and I do understand that it can be a man as well…

    Lynda, I do believe there is some heavy warmongering energy about which is in escalation. It feels ruthless and some of it toothless. The stillness is necessary now. Like an energy of watching and waiting until its time to move into action. The Lion Tamer enters the ring and all eyes look on wondering what is going to happen. I see the jokeys spuring their horses to the finish line. As we wait in the stillness for the race to begin, I think theres an upset at the start – the Symbols reflect this too. Who are we backing – do we have to back anyone or let them run themselves raw – I think watching the race is very important – its telling. Maybe there are no winners regardless of who crosses the finish line first, though everyone wants to be a winner, I think the losses are more telling, revealing and in time, the truth will come out – what ever that will be.

    How I’d love to hear your Rave with a chat function – like a podcast.
    Im sure yours would be a hoot!

    Well – Im off to unload some more shopping bags – Ive already dumped one back on someones doorstep this morning – Ive got another truck load to deliver.

    Be well Lynda, I hope you are recovering warmly today in this cloudy and slightly cold weather.
    Thanks for the great Rave!

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