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A Sword In A MuseumWhat’s going on? So many are feeling such a strong sense of sadness, bewilderment, loss, grief and confusion. What are our ideals? How are they panning out? Why do we feel this way? Part, not all of it, though, is down to the current Saturn/Neptune square.

Amongst other things.

I hope you enjoy this!

Cheers from DownUnder (where we are in an election season as well).

3 replies to Lynda’s Daily Rave On What The Heck Is Going On

  1. love your channeling today. love your speed. om namah shivaya om! we are flying now…

  2. This grand square is not easy personally, and certainly showing up in international politics as well! Donald Trump is causing quite a bit of hysteria on both sides of our political division in the United States. Brexit will be voted on shortly and could be a major change. You are having elections also apparently.
    Thanks for your recognizing and interpreting these mystical symbols Lynda.

  3. This uncannily apt figure of Saturn square Neptune, opposed and square the 13th degree of the other mutable signs, can be read at more than one level, as is so often the case. Your “rave” deals nicely with several. What about the mundane placement of the Sa/Ne square? Saturn in the 4th and Neptune in the 7th? “the end of the affair” and “foreign relations, international disputes” in exact square aspect? And Venus conjunct and parallel MC and exactly square Ascendant? A clear significator of the present tension setting diplomacy and peace against suppression and censure! Forthcoming transits should show the likely outcome.

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