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We are in an extraordinary period. With the Sun and Jupiter now smack on the Super Galactic Center, (SGC) and, with Venus recently having passed over it, and, with Mercury in coming weeks following on over these late degrees of Virgo and early degrees of Libra, we have a wonderful opportunity to elevate our thoughts and tune into ever more mystical levels of the hologram we call life. We can be very much empowered by these transits, as the Sabian Symbols below show.

The Sun now, and, Jupiter for the last few days, has been on


Vladimir Kush The Dawning Of A New DayThis Symbol pictures sudden, new beginnings happening periodically in one’s life. Things can change so quickly that it’s hard to believe at first, but eventually it dawns on you that things are different in the light of a “New Day”. Take heart, realize that the darkness is abating, gradually let go of what went before and embrace the new opportunities that beckon. This can show someone who moves around a lot or goes through several big transformations in their lives or have to weather big changes that often come up. However, there’s a need to guard against being fickle and wanting to move on too readily when one should perhaps stay with a situation and work on it.

New perspectives and realizations. Waking up to a new consciousness or reality. Radical shifts and changes. Huge changes that erase what went before. Events out of nowhere.

The Caution: Holding on to the past despite all evidence and reason to move on OR being the first one out the door. Refusing that things are getting better. Unstable behavior. Fickleness.

The Karmic Condition of the Sun (the degree before), and, Jupiter spent days recently on this degree is:


This Symbol shows a time of new beginnings with an implementation of a brand new order. ascensionOften, people with this degree are interested in attaining spiritual transformation and attainment. As you change and grow there’s a need to respect the value of what is waning, and take the best qualities with you into your future. This often shows people who are within reach of their ultimate potential. Some aspects of society are left behind for a higher, more evolved state. Ascension to a higher order is pictured, but there is a need to remain rooted in the reality of practicality, lest one loses one’s way.

Transference of the best of the past into the present. Younger, more vital energies taking over. Theosophy. Blavatsky’s theories. Finding kindred spirits. Ascension and the New Age.

The Caution: Losing touch with practical survival. Discrimination against the ‘lower classes’ or less evolved. Being a space-cadet. Leaving others behind as ‘not worthy’.

Jupiter is now on Libra 4, and will be on it for a few days. 


a-group-of-young-people-in-spiritual-communion-around-a-camp-fire-2This Symbol implies the desire or the need to be with others who share similar feelings, aspirations and goals and beliefs. There is a common focus here amongst the “Group” that opens up to creative and enlivening possibilities. There may be the feeling of being ‘out there’, in the ‘wilderness’, and you may be in some way, whether you’re miles from anywhere or you’ve been bought together by something very unique or unusual. It may be important to keep in mind that you don’t have to be going alone – there is a “Group” of people who share the same beliefs and concerns. Gathering with them will lift your spirits. The “Campfire” can be anything that unites people in a common cause.

Material concerns left behind. Pioneering with like-minded others. Unity. Fellowship. Campfires. Sweat lodges. Having a common focus, interest, hobby or perspective, etc.

The Caution: Being too dependent on others. Feeling left out and having to fend for one’s self. Rejecting fellowship because of feeling lost or alone. Obsession with objectives.

Venus has just entered Scorpio, and, it is on Scorpio 1 as I write this… 

Scorpio 1: A SIGHT-SEEING BUS FILLED WITH TOURISTS – we might feel as though we are in ‘new territory’, and, we can feel as though we are observing our reality with a fresh new set of eyes. We may also wonder how we got into alien territory – this Symbol can be quite surprising in it’s realisations.

This Symbol speaks of taking in the world through the senses; seeing, tasting, observing andTourists Sight Seeing Bus getting in amongst what’s going on. There can be a feeling of knowing one’s destination, having a map or guide, but not always knowing what it is truly like. One feels guided and cocooned on the journey, but there can be feelings of being an observer and, sometimes, of being observed. You could, at times, feel like you’re separate from what’s going on. Pictures and souvenirs of your life (your journey) are likely to be collected. The trick with this degree is to throw your self into life, reach out for all sorts of adventures and, most of all, enjoy the journey!

Observing life. Foreign territories. Seeing how other people live. Timing, being on time. Watching from afar. The untried and untrodden or the same old road. UFOS and aliens.

The Caution: Feelings of naivety and gullibility. Feeling like an alien even in familiar surroundings. Getting out of one’s depth. Separation anxiety. Inability to concentrate.

There’s much more to say, as always! This is an extraordinary period. If you want to read more about Jupiter’s transit over the SGC, click here.

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