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The robbed that smiles steals something from the thief. William Shakespeare

In this world there is always danger for those who are afraid of it. George Bernard Shaw

You admit it!—I admit I’m being persecuted.—Yeah? By whom?—By them!—But, who specifically is “them”?—Every one of them! —Every one of who?!—Every one of who do you think!—I haven’t any idea!—Then how do you know they aren’t? Joseph Heller—Catch 22

The man who trusts men will make fewer mistakes than he who distrusts them. Camillo di Cavour

Our doubts are our traitors. William Shakespeare

Don’t hold to anger, hurt or pain. They steal your energy and keep you from love. Leo Buscaglia

All stealing is comparative. If you come to absolutes, pray who does not steal? Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you steal from one author, it’s plagiarism; if you steal from many, it’s research. Wilson Mizner

April’s full Moon occurs on April 7 in the United States and April 8 in Australia. With all that’s going on in the world, as one might suspect, this full Moon is quite extraordinary, and, it shows the difficulties that we’re all facing. The full Moon speaks largely of letting things bother us, having things racing through one’s head, imagining worst outcomes, being disturbed in general by what’s going on. The Symbols really speak about what we’ve been facing, particularly Uranus recently on Taurus 5: A WIDOW KNEELS AT AN OPEN GRAVE, READY TO RECEIVE THE SECRET TO ETERNAL LIFE (which has had many wondering about their mortality) and, Pluto and Jupiter on Capricorn 24: A WOMAN ENTERING A CONVENT. Finding it difficult to get supplies (of food, toilet paper, income, tissues, hand sanitiser, etc), or, spending some time looking for supplies, or, devoting one’s self to putting food on the table (and, all the things associated with that issue) can be seen through the Symbol for Neptune – Pisces 20: A TABLE SET FOR AN EVENING MEAL. 

Although we shouldn’t avoid what is really happening by acting as if it isn’t, we will benefit by taking notice of the Sabian Symbol for the Sun at this full Moon – Aries 19: A MAGIC CARPET HOVERS OVER THE DEPRESSING REALITY OF EVERYDAY LIFE IN AN INDUSTRIAL AREA – we would do well to rise above issues, to take a good look at what’s going on, to elevate our consciousness above the strange things that we’re now experiencing. Your imagination can work wonders now.

Initially, I wanted to make this a shorter newsletter, but, these Symbols (and more) are just so interesting and relevant that I felt to flesh them out. I include some before and after degrees because they illustrate what we’ve been going through so brilliantly.

I hope that you enjoy this newsletter! And, I hope that you and yours stay healthy, happy and connected.

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The full Moon is on Libra 19: A GANG OF ROBBERS IN HIDING

Commentary: A ‘Gang of Robbers in Hiding’ is an image of people, possibly hidden in the shadows, waiting to take advantage of someone or something. The ‘Robbers’ are watching and waiting for the appropriate time to come out into the light of day, or it just might feel as though they are.

Oracle: In your situation, you may feel that you have been wronged or something has been taken from you. At the moment, however, because the ‘Robbers are In Hiding’ there is probably little or no way of finding out who or what is the cause. Check if you are exposing yourself to being taken advantage of or attacked in some way. Be careful not to get confused between reality and paranoia. You could spend your time searching for the real perpetrators, however a better solution may be to get on with your life, whilst being mindful that something could go awry. Perhaps an “authority” of some kind needs to come into play, to sort things through, to ensure future safety and get life back on track. This person can be an external party who’s in charge and powerful in some way, or it can be your own sense of authority that needs to sort out the facts of what’s really going on. Whatever happens in this situation, things will most probably come to light at a later time. This Symbol can point to delusions of someone’s thought processes. Make sure that there is no undermining of faith in others by indulging in suspicions that are ungrounded in reality. Locking out life can lead to feelings of being a prisoner or result in alienation from others. Sometimes one has to “break a window” to allow the light to get in. The solution may lie in taking control of your emotional, mental and physical realities. If you merely react in a vulnerable and defenseless way, what is there to deter the ‘Robbers’ from taking advantage of you?

Keywords: Gaining unfair advantage. Robbers and thieves. Spying. The cold war. Big business ripping off the “little guy”. People appearing to be something that they are not. Con-men mentality. Holding up proceedings. Mental attitudes that sabotage, restrict or control. The need for light. Voyeurism. Gangs. Private detectives. Ambushes.

The Caution: Gaining unfair advantage at someone else’s expense. Finding it hard to trust anything. Difficult hidden energy that may erupt into consciousness. Feeling that someone is going to “get” you. Hiding in the shadows. Locks and shutters that prevent true relationship. Unbalanced mental states. Paranoia. Distrusting life.

The Karmic Condition (the previous degree) of this full Moon is Libra 18: TWO MEN PLACED UNDER ARREST ARE BROUGHT BEFORE THE TRIBUNAL OF SOCIETY TO GIVE AN ACCOUNTING FOR THEIR ACTIONS – this time period is going to see many relationships being tested. I’ve been hearing that many ‘karmic relationships’ are being worked out now – either to mend and repair, or, to walk away from having realised that the connection is over. This degree can also show how we’re quarantined at the moment, and, may be for some time yet. We can feel like we’re ‘under arrest’, and, we might hear of people being fined or censured in some measure for going outside, for socialising, or, for breaking the rules somehow.

Many promising reconciliations have broken down because, while both parties came prepared to forgive, neither party came prepared to be forgiven. Charles Williams

This Symbol implies the periodic need for people to step up to the line and explain themselves, or to justify some actions or ways of being, particularly in relationships. Sometimes our ideas or actions are under criticism, to the point of feeling that someone has offended social acceptability. Be thoughtful about situations, because problems you face may only exist in your own mind, stopping you from having fruitful relationships because of a lack of trust or a failed relationship in your past. You may need to forgive or feel forgiven. Relationships can be held in abeyance until the facts come to light. Things resolve themselves as time goes by. Unacceptable principles. People kept apart because of circumstances. Relationships like jail sentences. Staying too long. The law. Karma to be worked out. Judge and juries.

The Caution: Refusing to conform to society. Sabotaging relationship values. Feeling stuck, unable to move. Telling tales. Handcuffs and manacles. Severe judgments. Staying in relationships when one should go. Deadening emotions. Shutting off to cope. Not having one’s point of view heard. Losing one’s authority. Being bound karmically. Being tied up and limited.

The Sun at this full Moon is on Aries 19: A MAGIC CARPET HOVERS OVER THE DEPRESSING REALITY OF EVERYDAY LIFE IN AN INDUSTRIAL AREA – rising above issues, heightened perspectives giving a greater sense of what is going on.

This Symbol shows that you can use your imagination to lift your level of understanding into other, perhaps higher, realms. By elevating ourselves above the everyday world we can transcend worry and strife. There is a clear message here that you can lift yourself above negative situations and by doing so, you can attain a calmer, more creative and spiritual life. With expanded awareness you can have an elevated perspective that reveals greater truths. However, be a little careful not to lose yourself in the longing for escape or the exotic. You probably have to come back down to the earthly plane every now and then. Vehicles of transcendence. Elevated views. Transcending problems. Astral travel. Carpets and rugs that are special. Meditation. Levitation. Escapes through fantasy or film.

The Caution: Self defeating detachment. Not being able to cope with the real world. Losing one’s self completely in flights of fancy. The longing for escape. The lure of the exotic. Using drugs or alcohol in order to escape drudgery or difficulties. Smog. Filthy air. Feeling stuck. Pollution and muck. Industrial landscapes. Losing touch with the body and physical realities.

Mercury is on Pisces 26: A NEW MOON REVEALS THAT IT’S TIME FOR PEOPLE TO GO AHEAD WITH THEIR DIFFERENT PROJECTS – this Symbol adds to the flavour of relationship breakups, etc, although, it can be where we are perfectly happy to stay in our current relationships, but, we may want to get on with a project, a hobby, a money making opportunity, etc, especially if we need to raise money because of recent layoffs or restrictions. The ORIENTAL RUG DEALER that Pluto is on right now shows this possibility (or necessity) of finding a new way to go about things. Online buying and selling are no doubt more important now.

A person needs at intervals to separate himself from family and companions and go to new places. He must go without his familiars in order to be open to influences, to change. Katharine Butler Hathaway

This shows being able to see, or to accept, when it’s time for people to move on or to part from each other. They need to “Go Ahead With Their Different Projects” – their focus has changed and, quite possibly, they’ve parted ways. There’s a picture here of new beginnings. People will have their own response to situations – not everyone will react in the same way. It can be a good idea to direct some energy into your desires or projects at the time of the new moon. Light a candle and state your intentions with honesty and love. Diversifying. Applying talents in new directions. People splitting up and splitting off. New opportunities and potentials. Divorces. New jobs, directions and destinies. New eras.

The Caution: Not giving, or receiving emotional support. Feeling split off and alone, even when one is with others. The fear and loathing of possible separation. Overthrowing the old too quickly. Changing direction unexpectedly. The fear of old age. Relationships that fail again and again.

The Karmic Condition for Mercury is Pisces 25: THE PURGING OF THE PRIESTHOOD

Sometimes you’ve got to let everything go—purge yourself. If you are unhappy with anything . . . whatever is bringing you down, get rid of it. Because you’ll find that when you’re free, your true creativity, your true self comes out. Tina Turner

This shows seeing through those who hold important positions yet abuse trust or those who make great claims but don’t live up to them. At this time, you’re likely to find yourself leaving others behind, kicking them out, or experiencing falls from grace. Periodically, there is a need to examine moral and spiritual sincerity. It is easy to allow those who don’t really belong to stay because of familiarity or habit. We can lose sight of the ideal through our rationalizing intellect, ego and emotive passion. There is a need to cleanse and purify your life, leading to better spiritual values. What side of the “Purging” are you on? Are you the one with the ‘right motives’? Who’s in charge? Things holding you back. Revealing the truth. Throwing out what doesn’t measure up. Dismissals and redundancies. Being a hot shot or not. Betrayal of trust. Cover ups.

The Caution: Stressful battle over who’s in charge. Blackmail. The threat of being thrown out. Something being revealed. Evicting people because they deceive, lie or mislead or just because they’re not liked. Bringing somebody down. Scapegoating others. Corruption and scandal that threaten collapse. Wanting to appear to be doing the right thing. Coverups. The burning of books. Perversion.

Venus (the ruler of this full Moon) is on Gemini 4: HOLLY AND MISTLETOE BRING CHRISTMAS SPIRIT TO A HOME – this is a lovely Symbol of social cohesion, being grateful for family and friends and loved ones, being able to celebrate connections and closeness (sometimes too much closeness ;) ).

This Symbol speaks of sharing the joys of family and celebrations. There regularly comes a time when we need to reconnect with loved ones, family, or, in a larger sense, humanity, to discover the strengths and joys in the cultural and religious bonds that hold us together. Even though we may live our lives primarily as separate entities, this bond can serve to strengthen each and every participant. Remembering each other periodically helps to keep our connections strong and it reinforces our sense of spirit and belonging. Social celebrations of the spirit. The fundamentals of belonging. Celebrations of family and friends. The value of community. Simple gestures for each other. Gifts. Christmas.

The Caution: The use of superficial tricks. Performances to achieve the appearance of happiness or familial ties. Neglecting family. Excluding others because of religious beliefs. Rituals that have no depth or true meaning. Loneliness. Not being in the spirit of things. Having too much to do. The Silly Season. Scrooge mentalities that don’t want to know about family and celebrations.

The Quest Degree (the degree following) of Venus is Gemini 5: A RADICAL MAGAZINE OR PUBLICATION, ASKING FOR ACTION, DISPLAYS A SENSATIONAL FRONT PAGE – some big announcements and decisions may shock others, and, there may be a need for temperance here, but, if you’re speaking from your heart, this is an opportune time to take notice of what you want to say. Also, there may be some very interesting information that comes your way.

My sources are unreliable, but their information is fascinating. Ashleigh Brilliant

This Symbol speaks of calling for or being motivated for change. Revolution and revolutionaries come in all shapes and sizes; some instigate major changes in society, others are more into bucking the system and creating mini reforms in their own back yards. Although you may not be absolutely sure which direction to take, you are likely to be broadcasting your messages. Look further within for the change in direction you need. Dramatizing one’s situation can lead to overreaction, but doing nothing can lead to inertia and things staying exactly the same. Listening may be important. The need for reform. Challenging outlooks. Breaking constraints. Messages and news that awakens. Social or emotional causes. Printing presses. Publishing. Big announcements.

The Caution: Being argumentative. Arousing others for selfish reasons. Distortions of the truth. Misinformation and disinformation. Getting the whole picture wrong. Exploitation of situations. Overstating messages. Biased information. Old and outworn news.


My life has a superb cast but I can’t figure out the plot. Ashleigh Brilliant

My life has a brilliant plot but I can’t figure out the cast. Lynda Hill

This Symbol shows being theatrical, conveying a story, putting on a show, getting messages across to others. “Mystery Plays” portrayed archetypal stories from the Bible, often performed in Latin. “Performers” traveled the countryside, entertaining and teaching with drama as well as humor. Sometimes the “Mystery Play” can show that things are not quite as they seem. Mysteries can play a big part here – is someone wearing a mask? You may find that you are not shown the true face of people or situations. Look to see who the performers are. Are you part of the play or in the audience? Perhaps you need to be cautious in what you reveal. Rituals. Shamanism. Archetypes of personality. Masks that veil. Mystery. Drama. Banditry. Smoke screens. Doing the technical but not the emotional. Comedy. Acting.

The Caution: Neurotic performances. Putting on superficial acts. Carrying out “rituals” without being aware of why. Sticking to tradition. Unwilling to admit to changing times. Not knowing who the players are or what the plot is. Being unsure of direction. Lying. Cover-ups. Deceptions. Tricks. Ploys to manipulate.

The Karmic Condition of Mars is Aquarius 5: A COUNCIL OF ANCESTORS HAS BEEN CALLED TO GUIDE A MAN – this is a wonderful degree (and, I’ve had it active in my chart for a few years now by progression). It is a degree of trusting your guides, your intuition, the messages that come through for you. It can be a situation of spending more time with the elders in your life, or, being concerned about their well-being.

We do not inherit the land from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. Native American Proverb

This Symbol shows having faith in those who went before; to have trust, protection and hope in the “Guidance” of the elders. You may be strengthened by the wisdom of those who have gone before you, whether they are your physical or spiritual “Ancestors”. There is so much understanding available through the experienced elders, or ancestors, and this can be tapped by you. Feel the strength of having valuable and knowledge people on your side or traveling with you on your journey. You may experience messages from the other side or feel that you’re on a journey that’s karmic, fated and guided and directed. Inner knowledge. Direct tap root to deeper sources. Karmic connections. Grandparents. Family lineage. Séances. The Akashic Records. Bloodlines. Strict guidelines. Councils.

The Caution: Reliance on conservatism. Obsolete boards of authority. Not being able to move with the times. Needing the nod of approval from others to validate what one’s doing. Not being free to do what one wants. Having to please the elders in some way. Bound by family or past-life karma. Nagging negativity. Old fashioned views that limit expansion.

Jupiter is on Capricorn 26: A NATURE SPIRIT DANCING IN THE MIST OF A WATERFALL – this is such a wonderful degree of lightness of being, and, the need to remember to ‘dance’, with Jupiter here, we will do well to not throw ourselves into the full blunt force of ‘the waterfall’ where the water would be icy and most likely spiky – we need to entertain the idea of being light around the edges at this time. Music can be a great distraction from worries, and, remembering to move – to ‘dance’.

This Symbol shows skipping lightly over the surface of life, dancing and playing. You may feel emotionally light and almost mischievous. The worries of life and the deeper parts of your feelings are ignored as you effortlessly flit over the surface of any troubles. Whilst this is, essentially, a beautiful symbol of a joy, harmony and a ‘lightness of being’, there may be an element of feeling cut off from your body, or reality. This can lead to a sense of alienation or difficulty in knowing where to land or evading problems by ignoring them or rising above them. Effervescent spirits. Dancing in a carefree manner. Water and fun. Peter Pan attitudes. Celebrations of the natural world. Waterfalls. Mist. Nymphs, fairies. Subtle energies.

The Caution: Irresponsibility, avoidance of real situations. Not taking anything seriously. Flitting off. Being held down and repressed when one is longing for light relief. Feeling abused by pressure. Being subjugated by cold, icy elements, thoughts or emotions. Tricks or perceptions of the light. Fear of dark places.

Saturn is on Aquarius 2: AN UNEXPECTED THUNDERSTORM – Saturn goes retrograde on this degree around mid May, and, it can have us feeling like we have to be on our toes. However, the ‘unexpected thunderstorm’ can shed a lot of light on issues that need clearing up.

Times of general calamity and confusion create great minds. The purest ore is produced from the hottest furnace, and the brightest thunderbolt is elicited from the darkest storms. Charles Caleb Colton

This Symbol shows the need to withstand “Storms” and things that whip up unexpectedly. It can show sudden flashes of inspiration, intuition or clairvoyance – those aha! moments. It can be thoughts and emotions that erupt from out of nowhere. They can be brilliant or unstable (or both). You will likely find that you are suddenly tested or taken by surprise. Inner strength and stability are put to the test but you learn a lot from your experiences. The effect can be quite liberating, although there can be an initial shock. Thunderstorms clear the air after an extreme buildup of energy. There can be a sense of awe and wonder at the power of natural events. Sudden visitations of natural wonder. Breakthrough moments. A break in tension in the atmosphere. Thunder, lightning and electricity. The Tower card. Being a lightning rod.

The Caution: Losing control without warning. Emotional instability. A “back draft” of emotions. Bottling up and blowing up. Confused by sudden outbursts. Loud bangs and crashes that shock and stun. Seizing up with fear. Sudden unleashing of emotions. Hurricanes of messy energy.

Uranus is on Taurus 6: A BRIDGE BEING BUILT ACROSS A HIGH NARROW GORGE – I took this photo when I was driving across the bridge from Illinois to Indiana several years ago in my search for Elsie Wheeler (the spiritualist medium who gave birth to the Sabian Symbols). There was an old man collecting tolls on the bridge – pay $1 and pass into New Harmony – a truly beautiful and amazing place that is like an oasis.

This Symbol speaks of the ability, or the necessity, of being a bridge for yourself or others in order to link people, things, places or understanding. People who act like bridges provide a great service for others as they make it possible to overcome limitations and to move forward. To build a bridge takes time, tools, energy, help and perseverance. Once it is completed, the dangers that it spans are no longer of any real concern, or, at least, the people can rely on getting across to the other side as there’s a space that’s been made for crossing over. One of your jobs may be to break down barriers between people. Overcoming distance and separation. Endeavoring to build continuity. Solving problems. Bridging emotional chasms. Spanning gaps. Going straight ahead and not looking down.

The Caution: Taking the long way round to avoid asking for help. Using shortcuts to cut across the real issue. Only seeing the risks, not the solutions to problems. The fear of establishing connections. The pervading sense that it could all fall through at any moment. Extreme sports.

The Karmic Condition of Uranus is Taurus 5: A YOUTHFUL WIDOW, FRESH AND SOUL-CLEANSED FROM GRIEF, KNEELS AT AN OPEN GRAVE READY TO RECEIVE THE SECRET OF ETERNAL LIFE – this Symbol was broadcasting it’s energy when the corona virus sprung into our consciousness and people started getting sick, with some, sadly passing away. This Symbol brings to mind our mortality, and, many people have had to leave their dreams and wishes behind in order to stay home and deal with all that’s going on. Many things had to be cancelled, plans and things that were organised had to be jettisoned.

                   The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone. Christopher Crowfield

This Symbol speaks of things from the past that sometimes block progress in the present or for the future. Don’t let loss beckon you to give up and throw everything away. There must always be a time to grieve, but what is lost is lost and cannot be regained by losing yourself. Know when it’s time to fill in the grave and let go, whether it’s literally letting go of people who have passed away or have disappeared from your life, in order to move on. Gather up your energies and move towards new objectives letting go of the old. Letting go of relationships and things. Purging the past. Gradual realization of the illusion of matter. The passage of grief. Redundancies. The gifts that loss and separation can bring.

The Caution: Wasting time staring at lost opportunities. Grudges and bad feelings that last much longer than needed. Staring at issues of loss and death. War and its horrors. The feeling that one has no future. People or events that just won’t leave one’s memory. Hanging on for fear of the future. Empty legacies.

Neptune is on Pisces 20: A TABLE SET FOR AN EVENING MEAL – this is very interesting in the light of what’s going on with people’s jobs, access to supplies, ways of making money, etc.

This shows providing sustenance for yourself and others; to “Set” the “Table” and have nourishment available for those who need it. It can show knowledge of nutrition, cooking, catering all the way to knowing how to make money – how to ‘bring home the bacon’. There’s a need to prepare things, to appreciate, assimilate, be nourished by and enjoy. When everything is in place, you’ll want to have people around you to appreciate it. Patience is sometimes needed; having worked hard and long, you need to realize that your needs will be met. Returning home you can find comfort and sustenance. Attend to everyday tasks with reverence. Try to remember to say grace in thanks. Being nourished. Provision of life’s necessities. Issues of “who will serve and who will eat”. Dinner. Dinner parties. Baking and breaking bread. Nourishment. Table manners.

The Caution: Making preparations with no ability to nourish or satisfy. Devouring things or people. Banging on the table and asking for more. Guilt around issues of providing. Feasts or famines. Eating syndromes. Empty spaces at the table. Arguing at meal times. Indigestion and heartburn. People not turning up for dinner. Overindulging. Consuming people. Not appreciating life’s bounty. Continually having to provide for others. Always having to come up with what’s for dinner.

Pluto is on Capricorn 25: AN ORIENTAL RUG DEALER IN A STORE FILLED WITH PRECIOUS ORNAMENTAL RUGS – people are finding ways of buying and selling online, and, there’s also been price gouging on many items (toilet paper! ugh). At it’s heart, though, this Symbol speaks of the need to recognise ‘value’ or beautifully made things, cultural values, etc.

This Symbol speaks of knowing how to appraise the worth of things, to be able to buy and sell and market products for sale. Taking pride in the products of your culture, and the buying and selling of useful and beautiful things is a responsible position, and the claims made about the products have to be tried and true. There may be a feeling of needing to reassess your attitudes and ideals, particularly if there’s the desire to get the better of others. You may feel the need to work with the physical and mental practices of oriental traditions that are available. Refinement of cultural understanding and values. Bargains. Bartering. Selling and trading. Charging a fair price. The sales pitch. Products of the east. Stalls. Markets.

The Caution: Bargaining only to personal advantage. Giving undue significance to unworthy goods. The archetypal “car salesman”. Talking to others merely to gain advantage. Not appreciating the value of one’s goods.

The Karmic Condition of Pluto is Capricorn 24: A WOMAN ENTERING A CONVENT – haven’t we been here?! The confinement and quarantining we’ve seen really reflect this Symbol. Jupiter and Pluto conjuncted here, adding to the sense of being isolated or confined.

This Symbol shows spending time in contemplation and dedication to one’s spiritual life or to a higher cause. At times, you will have to drop the demands of society and the lower, base nature, to concentrate on more spiritual, higher, or meaningful things in life. There may be a need to get away from the pressures of society, contemplating your inner thoughts and values. This may be a lonely passage and you may be disenchanted with the ways of others. There needs to be times of inner work, just as for outer. Dedicating oneself to the big picture can bring rewards, but hiding yourself away too much can lead to losses on many levels. Spiritual retreat. Losing the libido. Renouncing things. Taking vows. Marriage with God. Longing for love of a higher kind. Sexual retreat. Sacrifice. Opting out. Maintaining faith.

The Caution: Self-sacrifice to win sympathy. Neglect of self and hiding away. Nosedives into obscurity. Crisis of faith. Feeling let down by the world. Bad episodes again and again. Feeling devoid of emotion. Escaping war. Losing all and seeking sanctuary. Self denial. Forgetting how to enjoy life.

The Moon’s north node is on Cancer 3: AN ARCTIC EXPLORER LEADS A REINDEER THROUGH ICY CANYONS – this was the degree that Mars was on for the collision of The Titanic with the iceberg (it has that kind of flavour). This is about following your instincts through difficult times. Treading slowly, using your internal compass.

This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, of ploughing on through cold or difficult times by facing up to difficulties with a brave attitude and a determination to get through them. By adapting to changing needs and constantly aware of difficulties, success can be achieved. You probably need to persevere and progress slowly. There is really no possibility of stopping or slowing down too much as the situation could freeze-up. You may be surprised by “icy” feelings and cold responses. Although you have the natural elements to help, it is more a time of struggling through unusual difficulties than trying to create a particular appearance. Using animal instincts to get through tough times. Facing bad weather and hardship. Following the leader without knowing where one is going. Unfamiliar surroundings.

The Caution: Taking those unfamiliar to the situation and unwittingly heading towards danger. Putting one’s self through hard times when it’s avoidable. Restrictive outlooks on life. Frozen responses. Frigidity. Feeling lost, alone, frozen with fear or forsaken. Willingly going the hard way. Lack of provisions.

The Moon’s south node is on Capricorn 3: THE HUMAN SOUL, IN ITS EAGERNESS FOR NEW EXPERIENCES, SEEKS EMBODIMENT – this degree speaks to me very much of the Christ consciousness. This is the degree that the Sun is on at Christmas, and, the ‘seeks embodiment’ is the incarnation of Christ. Of course, we can feel a real need to drop into our own ‘incarnation’, or own sense of who we are. I find this degree to be very creative, very meaningful. I always notice it when it pops up. It can speak about writing and the urge for self expression.

This Symbol shows being open and receptive to the messages of the world around you, as there is an expansion into a new understanding and a new way of life. Writing is an excellent way for the “Soul” to “Seek Embodiment”. Also there can be issues to do with one’s body. There can be many times of quiet; of inner contemplation and outer observance. Regardless of your more immediate, physical circumstances, there is an evolution of understanding going on. Unbounded enthusiasm is likely to be around. It may be useful to keep a diary or to write things down. Extraordinary events can happen with this degree. Inner motivation leading to expansion. Being “born again”. Manifesting one’s desires. Writing. Expressing your self. Reincarnation. The story of Christ. Immaculate conceptions.

The Caution: Denying the growth that’s beckoning in favor of social responsibility. Not leaving when perhaps one should. Having to seek permission to come through any “new gateway”. A loss of faith. Being obsessed about an ideal or idea. Feeling cast adrift from one’s reality.










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