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Lucky Moon

We don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are. Anais Nin

A loving person lives in a loving world. A hostile person lives in a hostile world: Everyone you meet is your mirror. Ken Keyes Jr

A lake is the landscape’s most beautiful and expressive feature. It is earth’s eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature. Henry David Thoreau

There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other. Douglas Everett

There is one art of which man should be master; the art of reflection. Samuel Coleridge

LUNARIAN, n. An inhabitant of the moon, as distinguished from Lunatic, one whom the moon inhabits. Ambrose Bierce

Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in the mirror. Kahlil Gibran

Life is the mirror of king and slave. Madeline Bridges

April’s Scorpio full Moon occurs on April 26 in the US and April 27 in Australia. This full Moon is set to be very intense, very rewarding, and, very insightful, especially if we are prepared to dig deeper into it’s meaning and the signs it’s bringing us.

My feelings about this Super Full Moon are that it is an especially ‘spiritual’ one, one that can drive us into a stronger sense of feeling of not only ‘belonging’, but, also, being a ‘observer’ of what is seemingly going on. We can pierce through several veils at this time, and, it is interesting to observe that the degree of the full Moon – Scorpio 8: THE SILVERY MOON SHINING ACROSS A BEAUTIFUL GEM OF A LAKE – is also the degree of the Sun each year on Halloween (cards and postcards and graphics of Halloween often portray a lake with the Moon shining across it – often with a bat or an owl thrown in for added Scorpionic atmosphere ;) ). In other words, this full Moon has a rather Neptunian flavour to it, especially as the Karmic Condition (the degree before) is Scorpio 7: DEEP SEA DIVERS WITH SPECIAL MACHINERY. We are being asked to see things, to see reality, to see our choices, our outcomes, our behaviours, our attitudes, etc, in a different light.

Uranus is also highly featured as Mercury and Venus will have just conjuncted Uranus, and, shortly after the full Moon, the Moon and the Sun will also be strongly aspected by Uranus. This is likely to see some major decisions made very quickly – even if those things have been brewing for a long time, the outcome may still be rather surprising. In some cases, a 180 degree turn can happen on a dime.

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Adding to the rather ‘Neptunian’ flavour of this full Moon is Neptune on Pisces 23: A MATERIALIZING MEDIUM GIVING A SEANCE. Again, the message is one of piercing through the veil…

Scorpio 8: THE SILVERY MOON SHINING ACROSS A BEAUTIFUL GEM OF A LAKE – the following is from my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom (which, BTW, has newer and better cards now :) )

Commentary: ‘The Silvery Moon Shining Across a Beautiful Gem of a Lake’ is a romantic, reflective and beautiful image. It evokes many emotional responses as we imagine the beauty of the surrounding landscape and the stillness of the ‘Lake’. As this is a ‘Beautiful Gem of a Lake’, its waters will be highly reflective of the moonbeams that ‘Shine’ across it. The ‘Lake’ may convey feelings of depth and the mysteries, or it could be so reflective of the Moon’s beams that it seems to look like a mirror, having no feeling of depth at all.

Oracle: In your situation, whether there is a feeling of hidden depths or not, there may be a strong sense of things being “reflected”. The image of the ‘Silvery Moon’ or a ‘Lake’ is very much like that of a mirror. What is it about your situation that may need more “reflection”? Is there a need to really take a good, close look inside yourself or another? Or are things being evaluated from a merely superficial level with everything being a mere reflection of someone or something else? It may be wise to remember that still waters run deep and things may not be as they seem on the surface. This image can bring beauty into your life and the need to remember the grace of nature. It’s an opportunity to quietly reflect on the feminine aspects of your life and feel the gentle warmth of the Goddess.

Keywords: Reflections. Mirrors. Things mystical and alluring. The ‘Narcissus’ story. Picturesque scenes. Picture postcard images. Peace and beauty. Halloween and magic. Escapism. Placid emotions. Peace and quiet. Contemplation and meditation. Having a reflective nature. Photographs. Psychic abilities. Hypnotic charm or manipulation. Beaming faces. Projections based on appearances. Beautiful landscapes. Stillness. Stairways to heaven.

The Caution: Acting out of moodiness. Losing the plot. Projecting one’s self onto others. Narcissism. Looking at one’s self and others as if in a mirror. Not wanting to see the whole picture. Being superficial. A lack of depth. Seeing everything as a reflection of one’s self. Relationships that have ideals that aren’t based in reality. Lack of everything. Codependent relationships. Superficial responses.

The Karmic Condition of this full Moon is Scorpio 7: DEEP-SEA DIVERS WITH SPECIAL MACHINERY

This Symbol implies the ability, or to need for the faculty of being able to see deep down into the depths of things. Their “Special Machinery” allows them to piece the darkness and observe things that others don’t have eyes to see or the intuition to pick up. You may find you have the need, or the desire, to get deep below the surface to find out what’s going on or to make discoveries about people and life. It is down within the unconscious and your intuitive wisdom that you may need to search for solutions. Breath meditations may help induce the positive, rewarding sides of this Symbol. Plunging in to risky situations will prove to be both rewarding and interesting, in some measure. Always remember to breathe.

Keywords: Studying unconscious energies. Uncovering wonders. Breath meditations and techniques. Plunging in. Seeing things that others don’t. Having the special insights, talents or technology to affect healings on deep levels. New levels of experience seen and felt. Atlantis and Lemuria. Breathing apparatus. Getting “the bends” and cramping up. Inner space. Highly tuned senses.

The Caution: Pretending to plumb the depths, but only for show. Escapism. Going over the top emotionally. Being unreachable by shutting off to the outside world. Feeling gloomy. No light, no oxygen. Losing touch with reality or the real world. Feeling like you’re in a bubble. Isolation and dark thoughts. Not seeing the full picture.

The Quest Degree of this full Moon is Scorpio 9: A DENTIST IS HARD AT WORK (I find it rather amusing that this degree is the degree of the Sun the day after Halloween ;) )

This Symbol shows the necessity, or the ability, to be able to fix or remedy situations that need help and to repair things, whether it’s teeth, bodies, minds or mechanical objects – anything that needs to be repaired. The “Dentist” has to find out what’s wrong in situations, to perform a diagnosis, in order to restore their function so they work smoothly and efficiently once again. We must nourish our bodies, minds and spirits, on all levels, but even with healthy habits and healthy minds regular maintenance and repairs are still in order; the “Dentist” needs to repair this sometimes unnecessary damage. e.g. finance, health, stress etc.

Keywords: Repairing damage. Drilling at something. Plugging up situations. Being the responsible one who always has to fix things. Not being able to relax. Causing pain to erase pain. Tooth decay and bad breath. Medical equipment. Therapists. Treatments. Social comment to invoke a cure. Flossing and oral care. Attention to detail.

The Caution: Getting further into a hole by using more and more social solutions. Causing more pollution and damage when one should be honoring and fixing things. The fear of pain. Making wrong judgments and causing harm. Big dentist bills because of neglect. Always having to come up with solutions to problems. Always being “on duty”. Nagging away at things.

So, this full Moon is largely about going deeper, looking inward and looking outward in a way that shows what is real and what is ‘simulated’ by your thoughts, beliefs and expectations. As I was thinking of writing this newsletter, I randomly (yeah, right!) came across this video. I agree that this is where we are – I have, for decades, believed that we live in a hologram – we live in a simulation of our lives. This gives pause for thought, I believe, at this full Moon:

The Sabian Symbol of the Sun at this full Moon is Taurus 8: A SLEIGH WITHOUT SNOW – this I found rather amusing in the light of the YouTube video I shared above = Elon Musk and his shooting towards Mars? ;)

This Symbol implies having a vehicle, but not the fuel, the gas or energy to get the vehicle going or make use of what’s available. It speaks about seasonal variations where things available some times are not available at others. You may have to make the most of situations without much help. Are you expending energy trying to make things work in difficult conditions? You can often fuel things by tapping into your imagination. What adjustments or improvisations can be made? You may sometimes need to wait until the time is right, to have the ‘fuel’ to complete your mission.

Keywords: Independence from outer circumstances. Using the creative mind to work through momentary shortages or problems. Anticipating future conditions. Having the “vehicle”, but not the time, energy or the “fuel”. Improvising things so that they work better or ahead of their time. Gas, oil, fuel. Snow. The value of timing. Lack of resources. “Tires” that are missing or don’t work. Being ahead or behind one’s time.

The Caution: Forcing your ideas or feelings even though the time is not right. Lack of support from the environment. Missing connections. Running out of energy. Having the right thing in the wrong place. Ideas without the capital to make them reality. A lack of impetus or propulsion. Feeling stuck, unmoving. Traffic jams. Empty tanks.


This Symbol shows a battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil. Although we all have our own ideas of right and wrong, this Symbol shows a desire to go head-to-head in an attempt to bring light and love to situations that seem dark and foreboding. Often, there is a struggle between one’s practical needs and the underlying reasons for having those needs. You may find yourself sometimes caught up in what you are trying to achieve and have lost sight of why. There’s often corruption around, but the endeavor to bring ‘enlightenment’ to people often meets with severe resistance. Witness the stranglehold the media has on information.

Keywords: The battle of “might versus light”. The Spear of Destiny. Spiritual differences. Arguments. The story of Hitler. The Inquisition. The Crusades. Bringing love and light to war zones. The pen being mightier than the sword. Peace marches, Candles, torches. Weapons. The might of the media.

The Caution: Controlling those around with rational or brute force rather than with inner enlightenment or knowledge. People arguing over ideals. Forcing opinions on each other. Religious conflicts. War rallies. Propaganda.

Venus is conjunct Mercury on Taurus 16: AN OLD PERSON IS ATTEMPTING, WITH A DEGREE OF SUCCESS UNSUSPECTED BY THEM, TO REVEAL THE MYSTERIES TO A MOTLEY GROUP – with both Mercury and Venus highlighting this degree, do you (or does someone else) feel that no one is listening to the message?

This Symbol implies that one holds an understanding that is either ahead of the times or behind the times. Regardless of which it is, you may feel that no-one is paying attention to your advice or wisdom, but it is not your wisdom that is at fault, it may be your approach coupled with a lack of awareness of the listeners. Perhaps those you are trying to reach are not ready yet for the information or they instinctively already know it. However, often people are soaking up things without really showing how much they are ‘getting it’. Sometimes you teach better by example than by trying to persuade.

Keywords: The need to try a new approach. Challenging the status quo. Astro-drama. Being way ahead of one’s time. Getting one’s message across in an innovative and creative way. A teacher uniting diverse people in a common cause. Generation gaps. Wisdom given with expectation. Ideas bringing people together.

The Caution: Exaggerated opinion of one’s understanding of the situation. The mistaken belief that others need to know something. Not being in touch with the “times”. Feeling outdated. Preaching old, possibly outworn ideas. Insecure feelings based on conservative expectations of others.

Mercury and Venus will very soon both move onto Taurus 18: A WOMAN AIRING AN OLD BAG THROUGH A SUNNY WINDOW TO GIVE IT AIR AND SUNSHINE

This Symbols speaks of clearing up clutter, washing and purifying and bring and air and light to situations. It often symbolizes psychotherapy and other self help disciplines that cleanse and purify the mind, emotions and soul. There is often the need to clean out your cupboards, along with your old habits and routines. By keeping everything in your inner self, you can cause a clutter that is restricting. Bring these things to the outer world and see if they are still relevant in the light of day, discarding those that don’t measure up.

Keywords: Psychoanalysis. Past life regressions or memories. Doing domestic chores with a feeling of purpose. Work shopping ideas. Bringing light and freshness to old feelings. Renewal. Throwing out the old or outlived. Cleaning out rooms. Renovations. Letting the sunshine in.

The Caution: Expecting others to take responsibility for cleaning up and airing out. Hanging on to outworn things and memories. Airing one’s ‘dirty laundry’ in public. Rehashing old situations. Going over the same ground over and over. Bringing up issues when it’s inappropriate. Depressed attitudes.

Mars is on Cancer 3: AN ARCTIC EXPLORER LEADS A REINDEER THROUGH ICY CANYONS – this was the degree of Mars in the Titanic chart = icebergs.

This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, of plowing on through cold or difficult times by facing up to difficulties with a brave attitude and a determination to get through them. By adapting to changing needs and being constantly aware of difficulties, success can be achieved. You probably need to persevere and progress slowly. There is really no possibility of stopping or slowing down too much as the situation could freeze-up in an instant. You may be surprised by “icy” feelings and cold responses from others, or from yourself. Although you have the natural elements to help, it is more a time of struggling through unusual difficulties than trying to create a particular appearance.

Keywords: Using animal instincts to get through tough times. Facing bad weather and hardship. Following the leader without knowing where one’s going. Unfamiliar surroundings. The point of no return. Being in a cul-de-sac. Being led around by the hand (or the nose). Treading carefully. Icebergs. Glaciers. Snow and ice. Risky ventures. The Titanic story.

The Caution: Taking those unfamiliar to the situation and unwittingly heading towards danger. Putting one’s self through hard times when it’s avoidable. Restrictive outlooks on life. Frozen responses. Frigidity. Feeling lost, alone, frozen with fear or forsaken. Willingly going the hard way. Lack of provisions.

The Quest Degree of Mars is Cancer 4: A CAT ARGUING WITH A MOUSE

This Symbol often implies arguing, taking on opponents regardless of size and the ability to win, and, sometimes, being unable to let things just be. Along with bullying, this can show bickering, which is time consuming, often immature and useless. What is the central issue around what’s going on and what are the old values that require reassessment? There is an imbalance at work; someone or something is trying to gain unfair advantage against a weaker opponent. There can be a desire to justify to the other what should be done and why. This Symbol can show a selfless advocate for the underdog, someone prepared to protect others or a bully that takes advantage of others or someone who doesn’t know when to stop useless mental monkey chattering.

Keywords: Aggressively and actively taking advantage of situations or people. Hide and go seek games. Aggression vs. innocence. Harassment. Standing up for one’s self. The David and Goliath story. Questioning established power structures. Looking out for one’s best interests. Shock and fear. Cats. Mice. Hiding. Waiting.

The Caution: Time-wasting arguments and bickering. Being aggressive because one can. Picking on those smaller. Fighting dirty. Being patronizing. Power trips. Hiding away to avoid being targeted. Feeling like someone’s prey. Feeling victimized and bullied. Antagonism. Unfair battles. Those who think they know more. Mental, physical or emotional torment. Beating yourself up.


This Symbol shows the ability to, or the need to be able to take what’s available in the environment and use it to your advantage. “Trees” sawed into logs to “Ensure a Supply of Wood For the Winter” implies the ability to be able to plan, or think, ahead. By seeing that you’ll need something in the future, you can work ahead of time to make sure there’s a good supply. There are many things that grow around us during life. Sometimes there can be other uses that are of greater benefit than just to let these things stand like monuments or memories. You may feel a need to sacrifice something old to find its current usefulness. Gather up resources up when you can. Don’t wait until supply might not be so readily available.

Keywords: Gathering resources. Being prepared for harder times. Stocking up and stockpiling. Log cabins. Open fires. Care and reverence for things of wood and the earth. The making of paper. The publishing of books. Renewable resources. Xmas trees. Axes and tools. Stores and provisions. Logging. Timber. Wood for burning. Oil, petrol, fuel of all kinds. Woodchips. Storage.

The Caution: Hoarding supplies—not wanting anyone to get them. Destroying the old for modern advances. Feeling cut off at the knees. Being chopped down and stacked away somewhere. Fearing that there won’t be enough fuel, money, etc. for harder times. Nonrenewable resources. Wanton destruction and logging of the forests. Waste.

Saturn is on Aquarius 13: A BAROMETER – with Saturn here, are you listening to your intuition, to the signs, to the messages that are coming through?

This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to be able to measure what’s going on in the atmosphere around you, whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual or on an etheric level. You could feel rather sensitive to changes or shifts going on around you and you can pick them up far more than most people. Not only shifts in “Barometric” pressure, but shifts in temperature and mood can be picked up, almost like you have antennae. You may need to plan for future action, and you need to know what to expect or at least anticipate. You will find in your own sensitivity the instrument that perceives the possibilities of upcoming events. You may be a “translator” for others, bearing useful messages and being able to read the environment.

Keywords: Staying ahead of the weather. Feeling changes ahead of time. Measured responses. Measurements. Perceiving subtle changes. Insight. Indicators. Knowing when rain or storms are coming. Stilling one’s self for answers. Talking about the weather. Putting out one’s feelers. Anticipating shifts. Opinion polls. Anticipating what’s going to happen. Being on guard for inclement weather.

The Caution: Fear of change. Constant looking to fashions or fads. Not knowing how to react because of shifts in the atmosphere. Watching and waiting to see how other people act, seemingly with no will of one’s own. Being changeable. Having no anchor. Constant looking. Not being able to read the environment accurately.

Uranus features strongly on Taurus 11: A WOMAN SPRINKLING LONG ROWS OF FLOWERS

This Symbol shows the need to take time to nurture your physical self. The mind needs to take a rest and the body needs to be allowed to come to bloom and bask, a little, in the light. Keeping an eye on things that you are responsible for will ensure that they don’t dry out and fade away ahead of, or before, their time. Weeding out undesirable factors will be a necessary part of the process as will tending to those who can’t or won’t look after themselves. Quiet moments of tender care can enliven others and allow them to grow.

Keywords: Having patience and care. Nurturing and fertilizing creativity. External evidence of internal beauty. Looking after small details to reap treasures later. The Tree of Life. Stopping to smell the roses. Paying attention to detail. Flower essences. Sprinkling love and sustenance. Watering and fertilizing. Tending the soil. Care and love.

The Caution: Giving superficial attention just to keep up appearances. Neglect of things once they’re established. Giving up on projects half way through. Dehydration and neglect. Droughts or energy, love or feeling. Neglecting things in favor of other priorities. Water restrictions.

The Karmic Condition of Uranus is Taurus 10: A RED CROSS NURSE WITH WARM SYMPATHY – Uranus recently spent a few weeks, and, several weeks last year on this degree.

This Symbol shows caring, sympathy and nursing others so they may find health and comfort. You probably have a lot of work of your own, but you have to give your time to those needing help first. A great deal of inner healing can be achieved when helping, however, this can be difficult when you have to do too much. You may have to cross over into the ‘dark side’ in order to bring light to situations. Adopt a hands-on attitude to looking after others and ensuring they get their needs met.

Keywords: Unconditional and compassionate understanding and caring. Breaking down the borders between self and others. Always having to find reserves of energy. Looking after people’s physical, emotional, spiritual welfare. Giving and also receiving. Volunteer work. First aid kits. Bedside manners. Having a mission to fulfill. Having a shoulder to cry on.

The Caution: ‘Fussing’ around and doing more than one needs to. Always butting in, even when it’s not necessary or wanted. Being a doormat and doing more than your share. Not caring how others are coping, even when it’s really necessary. Being officious and bossy. Feeling used.


This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to be able to pick up subtle energies and psychic clues in the environment. The “Materializing Medium” can receive radiations, frequencies or vibrations that cannot easily be sensed by most people. At times in your life, you will experience a surprising sensitivity and awareness to spiritual forces and energies. This can cause confusion, other times enlightenment. Sit with any new impressions you receive until you understand their authenticity or depth. Sometimes there is a need to free up ‘stuck’ or earthbound entities. This degree can also show someone who can “Materialize” things; they can make things happen just by thinking about or concentrating on them.

Keywords: Spiritual channeling. A need to free up “stuck” or earthbound entities. Efforts to materialize things. Coming straight out with things. Giving voice to spirit. Tarot readings, clairvoyance and clairsentience. Things seen ahead of their time. Bringing messages from the other side. Contacting the dead.

The Caution: Putting on a false front. Merely doing a performance for others. Making things up. Using mind control over others to get a desired outcome. Using sensational methods to induce others to give up control over their own lives. Exorcisms performed by the inexperienced. Inviting weird energies or people.

Pluto is stationary retrograde on Capricorn 27 – a very archetypal Capricorn degree: A MOUNTAIN PILGRIMAGE

This Symbol shows the ability to, or the need for, being able to climb high, to rise to occasions, perform well, have a mission and, probably most importantly, to embark on spiritual journeys. Many people travel, but more often than not it implies a spiritual striving; an ascent in consciousness and the ability to transcend earthier, immediate matters. There is always the desire, or the need, to strive further, to learn more on the path to understanding and transcendence. You may desire to follow those that have gone before you to achieve a true sense of inner fulfillment. Work towards your own ‘mountain top’. The effort may be great, but so are the rewards.

Keywords: Ascent in consciousness. Spiritual, material, corporate or political striving. Having an entourage of people (or wanting one). Aloneness and separation. Setting off to somewhere else. Going on a mission. Finding one’s spiritual grounding. Getting back to the purer elements of life. Ambitions to get to the top. Wanting the highest office in the land.

The Caution: High moral stands with no depth of feeling. Feeling “high above” others. Feelings of being, or acting like, an ascended being. Haughtiness. Intellectual snobbery. People scrambling for the top. The “tall poppy” syndrome. Ambitions that know no bounds. People ridiculing others for their lesser position. Spiritual or corporate struggling for position.


This Symbol shows that it’s time to take charge, to expand your base of operations and to show that you have the integrity and the necessary energy to get things done. It’s also about bringing a sense of order and discipline into your life – physically, spiritually or emotionally. Find your sense of inner power and make it work for you so others don’t lord it over you. Be in control of your own destiny and individuality.

Keywords: Developing willpower. Inner power, discipline and integrity. Discipline of thoughts, emotions and actions. Leadership, power and ability along with their responsibilities. Accepting responsibility for one’s actions. “Calling the shots”. Rulers, presidents, leaders. Taking charge. The need for loyal subjects. Being voted in. The democratic process.

The Caution: Taking control. Lording it over everyone. Being overbearing. Not allowing others to be in charge of their own lives, health or situation. Egotistical and self-centered. Undermining others through a lack of self-awareness or confidence. Being larger than life. Dictators and tyrants. Military Governments.


This Symbol shows the need to be given respect and taken seriously. At times you’ll find that you can’t put up with the way you’re treated, the pressure builds up and suddenly, and probably from out of nowhere, a torrent of emotion comes out. If you’re being spoken badly to or treated with little respect, make a stand – don’t put up with it. It’s tiring to be treated like a ‘Slave’ or dutiful underling. Everyone should have equal rights. Spread your wings of freedom and seek to improve things by being frank and honest. You may win, but you can never truly lose if you act with integrity and honesty.

Keywords: Rising above conditioning and limitations. Standing up for one’s self. Demanding better treatment. Seeking recognition and self-respect. Being in charge of one’s life. Breaking away from oppression. Wanting a raise in pay or conditions. The need for freedom. Desiring property and rewards. Rising up from an “underdog” position or situation. The quest for identity.

The Caution: Feeling hard done by. Being demanding. Blaming others. Bucking authority. Demanding to be recognized or noticed. Feeling used and abused. Oppression and slavery. Jealousy and envy. Exploitation.


This Symbol shows the ability, or the necessity, of being able to proclaim one’s beliefs, love of country or political opinions, without feeling they are likely to be criticized, shot down or dismissed. Our highest ideals can be expressed proudly, like “A Flag” and as an expression of spiritual purity – “The Eagle” at “Dawn”. You may find that you are regularly moved to burst forth with your ideas, giving voice to what you think and feel. However, some may not like the message that you carry or what you have to say, how you say it or where you say it. However, issues that are really worthwhile and ‘centered’ will be seen by many and heard in the clear light of day.

Keywords: Declared idealism. Trumpeting ideals. National pride. Peak experiences. Flags. Symbols of strength, unity and power. Truths. The pomp and ceremony of big political displays. Issues of nationhood. Issues of world domination. Elevated views and perspectives. Forceful voices. Reaching for the highest plane. Nobility and pride. Successful outcomes. National anthems. New empires. Messages from the president.

The Caution: Assuming one is right only because of might or power or because one can say it the loudest. Propaganda. Lording it over others. Seeing other “nations” as being lesser. Loud voices. Bullying.

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