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Birds of a feather flock together. Saying

There is a destiny that makes us brothers, No one goes his way alone; All that we send into the lives of others, Comes back into our own. Edwin Markham

I met a hundred men going to Delhi and everyone is my brother. Indian saying

A goose flies by a chart which the Royal Geographical Society could not mend. Oliver Wendell Holmes

Don’t refuse to go on an occasional wild goose chase. That’s what wild geese are made for. Henry S. Haskins

Cross in a crowd and the crocodile won’t eat you. Malagasy proverb

Likeness causes liking. Romanian proverb

Not the cry, but the flight of the wild duck, leads the flock to fly and follow. Chinese proverb

Why do you lead me a wild goose chase? Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

The new Moon in Aries on April 1 could feel to many like a April Fool’s joke. I say this because so many things feel like a smoke and mirrors act and we’re left to figure out what is real and what is not in amongst what we’re being shown or led into.  (A pinch-or-a punch for the first of the month – excuse the rather intended pun!).

This new Moon is a bit of a push-me pull-you energy – a real on/off/on again switcheroo type of energy that can have us wanting to propel ahead into the future (after all, it is an Aries new Moon) but also feeling hamstrung or feeling the hand of caution as we realise that pushing against factors that may appear to be immovable could end up causing issues and problems that may take time to unravel.

Chiron and Mercury are strongly conjunct this new Moon which can have us overthinking things OR rushing headlong towards change. It helps us to examine what Chiron’s role might be in amongst it all. I have long called Chiron “The Stories We Tell Ourselves”. I imagined this years ago when I realised that without the “story” we don’t have a “wound” (put most simply, of course). Chiron has recently spent weeks on Aries 11: THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC, OR THE RULER OF ONE’S COUNTRY which tells us to look into our own sense of authority and not be so willing to give our power away to others (and those ‘others’ may be too self-interested, too weak or ill or ill-equipped to call the shots). Mercury is on Aries 10: A TEACHER GIVES NEW SYMBOLIC FORMS TO TRADITIONAL IMAGES – the message here is to ‘rewrite’ the script. To see how we can change our mind around issues that may have been stuck or in force for a very long time. Is it time to ‘rewrite the book’?

For this new Moon, Chiron is on Aries 13: A BOMB WHICH FAILED TO EXPLODE IS NOW SAFELY HIDDEN FROM DISCOVERY – the message of which is largely about working at ‘defusing’ situations that could get out of hand, either in the real world or in our imaginations. Chiron on ‘the bomb’ Symbol could show us the need to really assess situations before investing in them with too much energy or investment in outcomes. Troubleshooting situations could lead to seeing where things are somewhat overblown, or, anxiety provoking when really the fuse would best be taken out of them. Easier said than done, I realise, especially in these current times when it looks (if you watch the media) that WWIII is about to break out (my take on it is that it isn’t – we’re already in a war for our future).

Venus, Mars and Saturn are all squaring the Moon’s nodes in fixed signs. We are being asked to see where things aren’t working anymore and where we might need to change some habits, thought patterns, relationships, etc. There may be several things that we feel the imperative to change but we may have to get creative around solutions as many situations can feel “locked-in” with all the fixed energy affecting the nodes in fixed signs.

Jupiter and Neptune conjunct around April 12 on Pisces 24 – THE INHABITED ISLAND (the need to coexist with others or perhaps fighting the urge to move to a deserted island) and then on Pisces 25: THE PURGING OF THE PRIESTHOOD. The ‘priesthood’ can be anyone in authority – priests, yes, but also politicians, actors, influencers – anyone that wields power (or tries to) that may not fully deserve their position or status. Jupiter and Neptune conjunct can give us the ability to see through others, to make decisions around who we want to have around us, to make the moves that can see improvements in our lives. This can be a very idealistic and powerfully creative conjunction, and, part of its message is to gain more and more control over our own lives and not letting others take the reins of what should legitimately be our own. Of course, Venus and Saturn have just been conjunct which is adding to the feeling of wanting to separate or peel off from some and perhaps forge stronger contacts with others.

We’ve recently seen the staged fracas at the Academy Awards between Will Smith and Chris Rock (yes, I know – groaning somewhat to even bring it up). This I see as a reflection of that ‘purging of the priesthood’ in that we are being pushed to see through the ruses that are being foistered onto us to manipulate and control us. It’s interesting to note that Pfizer is a major sponsor of the Academy Awards and they’re coming out with an alopecia drug. Of course, all is not conspiracy (well, one wonders…) but this one reeks of being contrived. It certainly put the Academy Awards back on the media when most people weren’t even aware that it was happening (or cared). For many, Hollywood has lost a lot of it’s glow as the scales have fallen from the eyes of many around the manipulation that comes out of there. In amongst the Pluto transits both Will Smith and Chris Rock are having, it’s interesting to note that Chris Rock’s Moon is Aries 28: A LARGE DISAPPOINTED AUDIENCE. 

The PURGING OF THE PRIESTHOOD can see us realising more and more a sense of who and what we give ‘authority’ to. As has been happening a lot over the last few years, we’ll see through more and more people that we once held up as worthy in our lives. Of course, this can translate onto not only those in power, but those around us – friends, family, associates, bosses, religious figures, etc. The Quest Degree of Pisces 25 (the purging degree) is Pisces 26: A NEW MOON REVEALS THAT IT’S TIME FOR PEOPLE TO GO AHEAD WITH THEIR DIFFERENT PROJECTS. This can have us examining what direction we need to go in, and, often, this can have us realising that some people have to be left behind as we strive for new goals and horizons. It’s interesting to note that Neptune goes retrograde on Pisces 26 at the end of June. This Symbol, though, doesn’t always speak of breakups – it can also speak of giving others the space to pursue their own dreams and desires while concentrating on our own. (I just noticed that as I write this newsletter, the transiting Moon is on Pisces 25).

The FLOCK OF WILD GEESE of this new Moon can have us wanting to find our soul tribe, those that we could do well to join in with whilst leaving behind those who cause us perhaps to lag too much, to fall behind in our objectives, especially if we see others taking off while we wonder if we have the guts to break free. Time to fly with others that share the same visions, destinations and desires.

For those of you that may not know – the east coast of Australia is flooding terribly – we’ve had entire towns lost, millions of animals, enormous swathes of farm land, houses, lives, etc. It’s been horrendous and I’ve had to deal with flooding myself = not easy. I do count my blessings, though, a LOT of people have lost everything. One of the towns that is getting hit hard is Mullumbimby (I lived there for a short period some years ago). This is the town where the Byrdes of Ozark were talking about fleeing from Missouri to. If you’ve seen Ozark, you know what I’m referring to. They wouldn’t want to be going there now.

There’s more to say – there always is. 

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The Sabian Symbol for this new Moon is Aries 12: A FLOCK OF WILD GEESE. The following is my full interpretation from my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees of Wisdom: 

Commentary: The ‘Flock of Wild Geese’ is a beautifully inspiring image of brotherhood and Aquarian ideals. Watching them fly can inspire feelings of group cohesion and the beauty of natural rhythms. The ‘Flock’ shows the need to join with others in a journey or a quest. Remember to take your cue from the ‘Wild Geese’ – when they fly in formation, they take turns in leading the way. Likewise, when one gets tired or sick, another takes the lead.

Oracle: Whilst this is a Symbol of working together with others, be wary of losing your sense of individuality. There may be a feeling of wanting to leave behind previous life constraints, to be able to spread your wings, to seek freedom from difficulties. However, there’s a need to take note of “seasonal” variations that are happening around you. Obviously there is a time to “fly” and a time to relax and recover. You can’t always be on the go; you must look after your needs for nourishment and sleep. ‘Geese’ are known for forming lifelong partnerships, so marriage or partnership may indeed be a consideration in this situation. However, it can sometimes be hard to “ground” relationships. This Symbol is very much about brotherhood, respect and getting along with others. Setting out with those of like mind can lead to an expanded view of life or indeed a whole new adventure. Still, continually taking off on tangents with others whilst you could be making more permanent and loyal commitments to the long term can really test relationships. Remember to be aware of your responsibilities, to both yourself and others in the group. Know that there is support out there for you; just ask.

Keywords: Aquarian ideals of brotherhood. Attunement to planetary rhythms. Spirit liberated from matter. Wanting to take off by one’s self, but not being able to. Focused group activity and support. Group mentality, action and agreement. Intuition and telepathy. Choreography. Camaraderie. “Honking” to egg each other on. Flying in the slipstream. Responses to seasonal changes. Migrating at the right times. Travelling. Herds, gangs. broods. Flying in formation.

The Caution: Following the leader without knowing where one’s going. Never knowing where to land, or where to ground oneself. Wild goose chases. Not recognizing the brotherhood in humanity. Losing a sense of individual identity. Going off in the wrong direction. Being lost in the crowd. Beiing one of a gaggle.

The Karmic Condition (the previous degree) of this new Moon and also the Quest Degree of Mercury – Aries 11: THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC, OR THE RULER OF ONE’S COUNTRY

This Symbol shows that it’s time to take charge, to expand your base of operations and to show that you have the integrity and the necessary energy to get things done. It’s also about bringing a sense of order and discipline into your life – physically, spiritually or emotionally. Find your sense of inner power and make it work for you so others don’t lord it over you. Be in control of your own destiny and individuality.

Keywords: Developing willpower. Inner power, discipline and integrity. Discipline of thoughts, emotions and actions. Leadership, power and ability along with their responsibilities. Accepting responsibility for one’s actions. “Calling the shots”. Rulers, presidents, leaders. Taking charge. The need for loyal subjects. Being voted in. The democratic process.

The Caution: Taking control. Lording it over everyone. Being overbearing. Not allowing others to be in charge of their own lives, health or situation. Egotistical and self-centered. Undermining others through a lack of self-awareness or confidence. Being larger than life. Dictators and tyrants. Military Governments.

The Quest Degree (the degree following) of this new Moon (this is also the degree of Chiron) is Aries 13: A BOMB WHICH FAILED TO EXPLODE IS NOW SAFELY HIDDEN FROM DISCOVERY

This Symbol shows that often in one’s life explosive elements need discharging. Pressure cooker energy needs to be released, but it often needs to be done slowly and carefully. By keeping a sense of control, one can handle wild situations, elements or people without things getting out of hand. Be an example to others of how calmness and quiet can take the charge out of things. Take whatever opportunities you can to defuse elements as an explosion often damages more than is expected.

Keywords: Pressure valves. Getting away with something. Tantrums and frustration. Tempers that simmer. Explosive behavior. Bombs, explosions. Sudden and forceful events. Intelligence organizations, CIA, FBI, ASIO, etc. Valuable lessons of self-restraint. Relief from problems. Discharging nervous energy. Security checks. Last minute escapes.

The Caution: Suppressing stress or illness. Doing inappropriate things and thinking the secret safe. Repressing emotions. Undefined anger. Pressure cooker energy that needs to be released slowly. Explosions damaging more than expected. Activists. Deception behind one’s back. Clash of ideals. Terrorism.


This Symbol implies that you have ideas or a message to spread, but you may be holding back because you think it has been done before – however, things done by you are best done your own way. Bring out something fresh and new and it will revitalize those around you. Looking at things in a different light, you’ll revision old thought forms with new ones. Try to find new solutions to old ideas – you could revolutionize something.

Keywords: New dimensions breaking old thought forms or behavior. Quantum science. Innovation and re-creation. Working with educational tools. Finding new inspiration. Being “ahead of one’s time”. New-age consciousness. Ideas out of the past for the future. Sticking one’s neck out. Rewriting the book.

The Caution: Rejecting old ideas because they are old instead of reforming them. Throwing things of worth out, without examining them. Having little respect for things that are really worthwhile or traditional. Sticking with the tried and true, no matter what. Thinking that no one will be interested in your ideas. Heresy. Dogma.


This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to be able to pick up problems, to diagnose what might be wrong whether it’s mechanically, physically, spiritually or emotionally. The “Car” can be a car, or it can be your body; your earthly vehicle, and it may need some “Testing” to see how it’s coping with life’s pressures. You may need to use some type of gauge on your emotional reactions. There is often a need to take a more intuitive or psychic approach to problems, although an objective or inventive view will also bring results. Figure out any malfunctions so your life can proceed in a smoother, more efficient manner. Performing necessary checks and balances to ensure your life is working properly are part of the everyday maintenance of society.

Keywords: Testing the earthly vehicle for its roadworthiness. Situations that have “boiled-over”, bringing all to a stop. Breakdowns and the need for repair. Checking water levels. Anticipating future problems. The need for good batteries. Cars being serviced. Oil, petrol and grease. Check ups and tune-ups. Bringing forward movement to a halt.

The Caution: Causing distress by constantly analyzing people or situations. Bad breath or dry skin. Not taking time for repairs or tune-ups. Running on empty.


This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to be able to spread “Messages” that bring solace, comfort and joy to those who need help. “A Large White Dove” brings messages, possibly ones you’ve been waiting for for some time. You may need to resolve your situation by relying on peaceful messages that come from your spiritual center. They should be offered with gentleness and without malice. It can indicate either being seen as a savior or one who needs saving as you will at times be the one “Bearing a Message” at other times receiving the message. Whichever side of the equation you’re on, there can be relief once you’ve been able to assimilate the meaning in what’s being revealed to you.

Keywords: Being seen as a savior or one who needs saving. Blessings delivered—all will be well. Celebration. Somebody who brings blessed relief. Issues of hope and salvation. The Covenant. News. Announcements. Peace movements. The Rainbow Warrior. Utopian idealism. Olive branches.

The Caution: Staying with the assumption that things will never improve. Refusing solace. Shooting the messenger. Not trusting the good things in life. Not being content with any message that’s relayed. Insincere messages caused by the pain of not facing the real truth.


This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to be “Courageous” in the face of “Disappointment” or Disillusionment”. The “Woman” may have always thought things would be different but one day she wakes up to find that her dreams have not born fruit as yet. Still, there’s always hope and faith that things will turn around and get better. There can be feelings of wasting energy, and thoughts of failure, but being strong and vigilant against negative thoughts can turn situations around quickly. It always helps to look on disappointment as a teacher. Reconnect with what is available and possible, and, although it requires courage to get back on track, we always return with greater wisdom and understanding.

Keywords: Breaking through illusions. Facing stark reality with hope. Loneliness and depression overcome. Positive outlooks. Counting one’s blessings. Looking towards the future. Having to battle through relationship losses while maintaining a sense of self and purpose. Turning points reached. Having a belief in miracles. Choosing joy.

The Caution: Wallowing in failure. Not seeing the joy and beauty of one’s life. Accepting defeat. Feeling like all is lost. Bitterness. Walling one’s self off from others. Not trusting people. Finding nothing to be happy about. Feeling deserted and alone. Not letting go of the past. Injuries. Infertility. Incurable “dis-eases”. Unrequited love. The loss of the partner. Staring into space. Being a sad, old person.


This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to be able to live life by a set of “New Laws”, or, to make a new set of laws that better suits your life and your place in the scheme of things. This pictures situations of revelations of spirit and truth. It is important to manifest these truths and laws manifest and to integrate them into your everyday life. Codifying the ways of humankind can help us understand the limitations of our earthly existence. Although the basic principles of our laws may stay the same, the specifics will vary in order to accommodate the changing perceptions of people over time. At times in your life you may find new laws to live by, or, you could be the one to bring these ‘rules’ to others.

Keywords: Revelations and channeling of new information. Truths being revealed. Thoughts, ideas, guidelines. The Ten Commandments. Laying down the law. New resolutions. New pathways of living. Social justice messages. The Koran. The Torah. The Bible. Finding records. People of the book. The Ark of the Covenant. Newly codified laws. Amendments. The Testaments. Avatars and guides. Moses. Mt. Sinai. Legislation. Laws enacted. Legislation.

The Caution: Being told what to do. Believing that one has all the answers OR believing that someone else has all the answers. Disregarding the religious ways of the past. Rules set in stone. The statement “this is what’s going to happen”. Rigid application of dogmatic moral codes.


This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to develop responses and perform above and beyond the normal expected level. Issues of having to do what others tell you, or having to perform along the lines of how you’ve been trained may be fine for a while, but eventually you are likely to tire of doing the same things or not being taken seriously. Perhaps there are things you don’t want to do, but it seems your duty to perform. Look to your situation and see if you are compromising yourself or just acting out conditioned responses. Perhaps you are indeed excelling your normal level of performance, only you can tell.

Keywords: Developing skills. Making excuses. Performing rote responses. Expecting others to perform. Entertaining people. Being theatrical. Stomach rubs. Big, tall, brute energies. Sitting down or standing up. Fur and fuzzy hair. Playing instruments. Dancing. Performances. Arm waving. Animal training. Bears. Training. Learning by example. Fun vs. drudge.

The Caution: Being unable to recover one’s feet. Instinctive and creative performances for the crowd. Fatuous need to be the center of attention. Defying authority. Vulnerable. Working against normal instincts or desires. Flapping one’s arms. Sitting things out. Making a big noise, but doing nothing. Being cranky, ill tempered. Crazy behavior. Not having a mind of one’s own. Giving up control of one’s destiny. Mindless and brainless. Drugs and dope. Loss of spontaneity.


This Symbol implies someone who tends to carry the load for others. They often feel responsible for everyone and everything. The ‘porter’ will usually spring to attention when asked to help or to shoulder the burden of others luggage or baggage. In fact, you may be doing a lot to help others, but not getting much appreciation or thanks. Be wary that you are not just helping people to hang on to their extra ‘baggage’, through your desire to be useful and helpful. This can weigh them down when you are no longer available. Grinning and bearing the weight only works for so long before one tires of it.

Keywords: Self-reliance. Owning other people’s ‘garbage’. Shouldering baggage or weight. Being weighed-down. Feeling responsible for everything. Bad backs and posture. Carrying others. Counseling people, taking on their emotions. Bad backs, shoulders, knees, etc. Strain and wear. Bearing the family guilt. Luggage. Trolleys. Looking for tips.

The Caution: Being busy with other peoples’ problems. Unable to work for your own benefit. Carrying other peoples’ responsibilities. Being indispensable until the energy is all worn out. Not knowing when to say “no” to other’s demands. The burden of debts. Being useful but unimportant.


This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to be able to live with others, to share the same space, to create a happy life. The people pictured in this Symbol all live together and have “Created a Great World All Their Own”. No matter how well people get along, people still have to compromise and give and take in order to sustain good community relations. Drawn together by similar hopes and ambitions it is ironic that sometimes compromise is the only way to successful coexistence. Making the most of what is available, even though it is restrictive, will help to dispel any feelings of being cutoff and isolated. Who are you comfortable sharing your space with? Who would you have sharing your desert island?

Keywords: Adaptability and cohabitation. People jammed in. Seeking others of like mind. Knowing a lot of people. Always considering others. Noise and light pollution. Feeling like new blood is needed in order to grow and flourish. Coexistence. Apartments. Living together. People moving in.

The Caution: Cutting off from those around. Not having enough privacy—or space. Things being kept too “all in the family”. No chance to be alone. Pollution and garbage. Crowding out people. Loneliness even amongst many. Being deserted and lost.

Pluto is on Capricorn 28:  A WOMAN READING TEA LEAVES

This Symbol shows the ability to, or the need for, being able to see things that others miss, and being able to use the intuition in order to receive the gifts that divination can bring. While others just see something simple like a tea cup, you can have the ability to weave a story for yourself and others about how life will, or can, be. One has to put aside skepticism and be able to embrace trust and intuitive knowing in order to be able to listen to the messages that are around you. Be open to seeing meaning through the catalyst of the simplest of everyday events. You will receive messages, if you are open to ‘seeing’ the signs. You may have to deal with skeptical people in your life.

Keywords: Symbolism opening pathways to the spiritual center. Seeing the signs. Seeing signatures in small things that others miss. Intuition and clairvoyance. Creative visualization. Tea leaves and coffee grinds. Non verbal cues. Rituals. Tea and sympathy. Fathoming the depths of simple things. Predicting the future. Seeking guidance and changes of fortune.

The Caution: Reliance on superstition or esoteric advice. Constantly seeking assurance. Taking things literally, not symbolically. Looking for answers or significance everywhere. Small rewards for talents that should be more respected.

Chiron (see The Quest Degree of this new Moon above – Aries 13: A BOMB WHICH FAILED TO EXPLODE IS NOW SAFELY HIDDEN FROM DISCOVERY)


This Symbol shows the issue of people taking what is theirs by right or by might. It also shows the ability to be able to be recognized for their abilities as a successful leader who is prepared to put themselves at risk to be successful. The risks have taken are marked by rewards that are admired and respected, with a place in society marked by power and status. There’s a need for caution here, though, as the “us or them” mentality can lead to problems on every level. Be strong and commanding, but don’t take advantage of others or allow them to take advantage of you as it could lead to chain reactions of tit for tat mentality.

Keywords: Race wars. Claiming one’s soil. Trophies of conquest. Aggression. Basic instincts. Territoriality. Chain reactions. Tit-for-tat. Competitive natures. Risks for the clan or group. Trophies, medals and diplomas. Striving for recognition and respect, deserved or not. Blood and sacrifice. Tribes mourning their losses. Ritualistic behaviors. Marking victories. War crimes. Ticket scalpers.

The Caution: Conquering others without emotion. Showing off to intimidate others. Domination and ruthlessness. Taking things because one can. Violation of other’s space. Testosterone. Feeling taken advantage of. Notches on the belt, or gun. Cycles of retribution. Vengeance. Taking scalps.


This Symbol implies having a message or the voice that others flock to in order to listen. Whether you are the “One Inspired Person”, or someone in the audience, you may feel that you have had some wonderful realizations after hearing inspired messages, from within yourself or from an external source, and now you need to bring these lessons or understandings down to an everyday level in order to integrate them into everyday life. People will have many different responses to the messages being given. Not all will be responsive, but the message will resonate with those that are meant to hear it. What will be done with this new information and how far will it spread?

Keywords: Power to sway the feelings and thoughts of many. The ability to draw a large audience. The Jesus story. Giving one’s power away to those who apparently have more authority. Charisma. Having a large audience. The minds and the ears of the many. Oratory skills. Gurus. Listening. Ascending the mountain to acheive a purer state of being. Lecturing.

The Caution: Naiveté, gullibility. Feeling like someone else holds all the answers, but you don’t. Situations that smack of guru mentality. Idolatry and the manipulation that can result from it. Never knowing when to keep quiet. Forcing ideas on others when they don’t really want to listen. Not letting anyone else get a word in. Demanding attention. Feeling above everyone. Snobbery.