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Flying might not be all plain sailing, but the fun of it is worth the price. Amelia Ehrhart

Words have no wings but they can fly many thousands of miles. Korean proverb

There are no signposts in the sky to show a man has passed that way before. There are no channels marked. The flier breaks each second into new uncharted seas. Anne Morrow Lindbergh

The airplane stays up because it doesn’t have the time to fall. Orville Wright

Twinkle, twinkle, little bat! How I wonder what you’re at! Up above the world you fly! Like a tea tray in the sky. Lewis Carroll

Faith without works is like a bird without wings; though she may hop with her companions on earth, yet she will never fly with them to heaven. Francis Beaumont

If there were any justice in this world, people would occasionally be permitted to fly over pigeons. Gene Brown

April’s full Moon in Libra is another doozy (are we surprised?). This full Moon is t-square to Pluto and this is bound to have things feeling intense, charged-up and, well, it’s certainly likely to be a meaningful time. We may experience our thoughts and emotions rather acutely, and, we may feel the need or desire to make changes in our lives or changes may be foistered on us. Regardless of whether we actually do make changes, we will probably experience insights that may have been  long hidden from us and these may push us to see where we need to drop something, to move away from controlling or toxic people or elements in our lives, perhaps change some habits that have been dragging us back from our true objectives. There can be run-ins with authority figures so caution is advised.

Hence, this is bound to be a deeply meaningful and impactful time. The major message from the Sabian Symbols seems to be the need to rise above things in order to have a higher perspective.  This full Moon is on Libra 27: AN AIRPLANE SAILS HIGH IN THE BRIGHT CLEAR SKY. The last new Moon had much the same message; Aries 12: A FLOCK OF WILD GEESE which shows the need to spread our wings and fly. Plus, the Karmic Condition (the degree before this full Moon) is Libra 26: AN EAGLE AND A LARGE WHITE DOVE TURNING CONSTANTLY INTO EACH OTHER. Even the angels are there with the Quest Degree (the degree following) this full Moon on Libra 28: A MAN ALONE IN DEEP GLOOM. UNNOTICED, ANGELS ARE COMING TO HIS AID. 

I always take notice when Aries 27 is activated: The degree of the Sun at this full Moon is Aries 27: THROUGH IMAGINATION, A LOST OPPORTUNITY IS REGAINED – this can be about ‘second chances’ or retrieving something thought to be lost. It’s one of the stronger manifestation degrees and a lot can be seen or learnt by the following degree Aries 28: A LARGE DISAPPOINTED AUDIENCE. It really pays to take notice of where you might be expecting things from the wrong quarter – are your expectations measuring up? We can turn that ‘audience’ reaction to one of positivity by looking towards gratitude while holding firm to what we really want.

Mercury and Uranus conjunct can have us making big or snap decisions, sometimes seemingly from out of nowhere, but usually things have been brewing for some time and we may even surprise ourselves with the insights we are receiving. Intuition can be off the chart, especially if we’re paying attention. As always with Mercury/Uranus hard aspects, it can be useful to count to ten before detonating decisions, and, we can do well to give things a bit of a breather to make sure we’re heading in the right direction (easier said than done with this and the full Moon being square Pluto).  With Venus  sextiling the Mercury/Uranus conjunction, we may make moves that benefit us in our relationships, financial or living situation. Surrounding ourselves with people on the same page as us is, as usual, really beneficial, especially now.

Another stand-out is the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune on Pisces 25: THE PURGING OF THE PRIESTHOOD. We may take a look at those around us that are in positions of ‘authority’ (real or imagined), and, be seeing where we may no longer trust what is being shown to us, or, we can come to terms that some people (priestly or not!) are best left out of our lives. This is made stronger by the fact that Jupiter rather quickly moves onto Pisces 26: A NEW MOON REVEALS THAT IT’S TIME FOR PEOPLE TO GO AHEAD WITH THEIR DIFFERENT PROJECTS. How long have you put off doing something that you really want to get going with? Who do you perhaps need to leave behind as you set out for something new or untried? Who can you gather with to further your objectives? Who are those in charge that don’t deserve positions of authority? In Australia, we have a federal election coming up on May 21. That will be interesting to watch for us Australians, for a start. Truths are likely to come out, especially with Chiron on Aries 14: A SERPENT COILING BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN. Heady stuff.

Further, Saturn is squaring the nodes. Saturn’s message can be one of ‘turning one’s back’ on anything that no longer serves us. Saturn is on Aquarius 24: A MAN TURNING HIS BACK ON HIS PASSIONS. Even if something really worked for us in the past, it may no longer work for us now. Again, we may have to walk away from something that was once meaningful.

There’s more to say – there always is. 

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The Sabian Symbol for the full Moon is Libra 27: AN AIRPLANE SAILS HIGH IN THE BRIGHT CLEAR SKY – the following is my full interpretation of this degree from my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees of Wisdom. 

Commentary: ‘An Airplane Sails High in the Bright Clear Sky’ is an image of flight and escape and gives the feeling of unfettered freedom. It can symbolize being carefree and not bound to the everyday, grounded realities that most people are caught up in. Being in the ‘Airplane’ can bring a sense of being above everything, an observer and somewhat detached. We all need moments of clear, focused detachment and the enjoyment of life’s pleasures.

Oracle: There may be some people in this situation that need to be recognized, embraced or noticed in some way. Maybe it is you that has to do this, or to receive it. You, or another, may feel that they are somehow “above” or beyond the situation, but how long can one go on flying so high? Somebody in this situation is probably avoiding the reality of what’s going on, or they may be avoiding having close, intimate interactions with people around them. How long can there continue to be ‘Bright Clear Sky’? We all need to come down to earth after some incredible or gravity defying experience, even if we don’t want to—or don’t feel ready to. For now, there may be the feeling that you are above the situation and are being carried beyond this time or place to something completely new. There is probably a need for calm objective observation. ‘Sailing’ above difficulties, and people, may bring new information to light; things that you weren’t able to “see”, or know, previously. For the moment, ‘Sailing’ on and enjoying both the experience and the view may be what’s needed. However, sooner or later you’re going to have to land back in reality. Are you prepared not only for the flight but also for the landing? What are the real down-to-earth needs that are being shown and that need attention?

Keywords: Transcending difficulties or escape from reality. Optimism that knows no bounds. A bird’s eye view of things. Detachment. Objectivity. Chemical influences. Freedom from life’s routine. Pilots and planes. Clear air turbulence. Roller coaster rides. Awareness of up and down, left and right, in and out. Sense of destination. Decreasing gravity. Acceleration of time. Fisheye lens. The need for navigation.

The Caution: Difficulty in seeing the true details of what’s going on. Escape from reality. Running out of fuel. Egoism. Playing with gravity. Disconnection from the everyday world.

The Karmic Condition (the previous degree) of this full Moon is Libra 26: AN EAGLE AND A LARGE WHITE DOVE TURNING CONSTANTLY INTO EACH OTHER

This Symbol implies the ability, or the necessity, of being able to integrate the principle of the will (the “Eagle”) with the principle of the emotions (the “White Dove). Being able to bring these two together makes for a much stronger effect on others and the personality is strengthened and given an edge that it otherwise might not have. There may be confusion around whether to use force or love in some situations. Being firm and yet kind, being flexible and yet sure of what you’re doing or where you’re heading keeps one on an even keel. Alternation of these responses will lead to the best solution.

Keywords: Creative imagination and visualization. Hopes renewed when all seemed lost. Second chances. Last minute reprieves. Retracing your steps. Judging things to be positive when once they were thought to be negative. Being exonerated or forgiven. Pardons giving release. Imagineering. Retrieving things. Making up for lost ground or time. Changing your mind therefore changing your outcome.

The Caution: Relying on self-pity. Denying the imagination to recover the situation. Not noticing solutions to problems. Letting chances for recovery disappear through inaction or laziness. Going over and over lost opportunities. Finding it impossible to let go. Staring at loss and not realizing what one has.

The Quest Degree (the degree following) of this full Moon is Libra 28: A MAN ALONE IN DEEP GLOOM. UNNOTICED, ANGELS ARE COMING TO HIS AID

This Symbol shows help, encouragement and assistance coming when one is most in need of it. There can be an inclination to depression with this degree, but it seems that, particularly if faith is employed, there is always some redeeming event or someone helpful turns up and the “Gloom” is dispersed and the light returns to one’s life; there is a realization that things are getting better. There are likely to be periods of going through a difficult time, but it will always dawn on you that you are being ‘helped’ in some way; ‘Angels’ come to aid those who need their help. Don’t be afraid to ask for their assistance. Have hope, faith, trust and work on changing your attitude and watch how hope returns.

Keywords: Feelings of not being alone. Awareness of spiritual help in times of need. Salvation versus depression. Feeling like one’s luck is about to change. Improvements in the pipeline. Changes in the “weather”. Helpers arriving just when they’re needed. Brightening influences. Angels and spiritual forces for good. Guardian angels.

The Caution: Unrealistic reliance on spiritual agencies or help from others. Feeling like no one cares or that no one is listening. Being alone and forgotten. Losing faith in things getting better. Refusing help. Misery and gloom and doom.


This Symbol shows the talent or the ability to be able to use inner creative energy to revitalize ideas or opportunities that seemed to be lost. Whatever it is that you need to do, believe that it is possible and create an image in your mind and you will most likely succeed at gaining it or recovering it. Always take heart; there is energy here to recapture things that seemed to be lost. Visualizing what you want, allowing time and watching for it to manifest can bring astounding results. Sometimes, however, the “lost opportunities regained” are in a different form than we had first imagined.

Keywords: Creative imagination and visualization. Hopes renewed when all seemed lost. Second chances. Last minute reprieves. Retracing your steps. Judging things to be positive when once they were thought to be negative. Being exonerated or forgiven. Pardons giving release. Imagineering. Retrieving things. Making up for lost ground or time. Changing your mind therefore changing your outcome.

The Caution: Relying on self-pity. Denying the imagination to recover the situation. Not noticing solutions to problems. Letting chances for recovery disappear through inaction or laziness. Going over and over lost opportunities. Finding it impossible to let go. Staring at loss and not realizing what one has.

The Quest Degree of the Sun is Aries 28: A LARGE DISSAPOINTED AUDIENCE

This Symbol shows a sense of being an observer, sometimes more than being a participant. You may have an inner critic that analyses things. In fact you might feel as though you, or someone else, have failed and left something wanting. But how much is this because too much was expected in the first place? The ‘audience’ sometimes only remembers the last performance, so get up and try again. Perhaps your need to be fulfilled should be more realistic. Be aware that you may be your own ‘audience’. Do you feel that things have lived up to expectations?

Keywords: Adjustments of expectations bringing realizations about what is really possible. Expecting the response of others. Walking out during a performance. Not listening to something through a lack of interest. Anticipating a different result from what is delivered. Relying on feedback. Lines and queues of people. Criticism. The need to inspire and enthuse.

The Caution: Feeling sad, sorry or letdown because of defeat and frustration. A lot of people left feeling emotionally “wiped-out”. Shattering of illusions. Fickleness. The attitude that one can’t do anything. Everything being out of one’s control. Watching what’s going on and not participating. Being at the mercy of the whims and fancies of others. Judging and analyzing oneself or others. Too many people crammed into one spot. Not getting a seat. Refusal of entry. Booing and hissing.

The Karmic Condition of the Sun is Aries 26: A MAN POSSESSED OF MORE GIFTS THAN HE CAN HOLD

This Symbol often shows someone who has more talent, more possessions, and more gifts than most other people. Perhaps too much is demanded or expected of you or you expect life to give you more and more and more. Recognize that you are surrounded by abundance, but perhaps you are unable to experience it all at once. If you don’t feel you have the ability to cope with all that life throws at you then look in your ‘storehouse’ and you could be surprised at talents you have that have never even been used.

Keywords: Potentials and the obsessions they can bring. Obsessions about “having things” or achieving goals. Counting one’s blessings. Jack-of-all-trades. Having to drop the bundle if one more thing is added. Being talented and blessed. Enormous responsibilities. Wanting to contain all possibilities. Storage. So many things to do—so little time.

The Caution: Not being able to focus on one issue at a time, or on ideas of real worth and therefore not really achieving anything. Inability to gain or contain everything that is desired. Ambition that knows no bounds. Greediness and insatiability. Being told that you can’t have what you want. Things piling up. Juggling and dropping the ball. Feeling as though you will lose everything. Being overwhelmed with possibilities.


This Symbol shows an image of a young couple window shopping, imagining and picturing what they want for their future. Some things may be out of reach, but that doesn’t stop you looking, planning and dreaming of what might be. Enjoy the interlude, then get back to your real life where you can take steps to make money or put your plans into actuality rather than just looking. Jealousy and greed can rise up when there seems to be so much, so close. Realize that things of inner worth are available to you right now.

Keywords: The longing for “things”. The allure of ownership. Consumerism. Trying to raise money. Worrying about the “cost” of things. Weddings and engagements. Credit cards. Finances that are shared. Shared dreams. The future and its possibilities. Young people. Planning. Shopping. The honeymoon period. So much so close and yet so far.

The Caution: Denying happiness because of material deficiency. “Keeping up with the Jones”. Not focusing on your partner/friend. Unsure of where one stands. Being unwilling to commit to anything just yet. Avoiding the heart of one’s relationship. Focusing on the financial side. Issues of ‘who pays for what’. Arguments over money or possessions. Merely ‘Window Shopping’ not committing. Overspending. Being in debt. Monetary distractions. Missed opportunities.


This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to be able to know when to stop battling in life, when to lay down one’s “Sword” and take up a higher position that reflects a more intelligent or spiritual way of being in the world. Sometimes, when reminded of the battles of the past, we are influenced towards actions that ensure peace. We are uplifted by the symbolic memory of past deeds of valor, although the stings of defeat may also be part of the story. You may find yourself faced with the choice of fighting or reasoning which is confused by your lack of training or experience in the ways of “Battle”. Don’t go down with the ship. It helps to lay down one’s ‘sword’ – not in order to surrender, but to stop the ‘warring’

Keywords: Willpower. Martial arts. Putting aside thoughts of vengeance and revenge. Hanging up or laying down one’s ‘Sword’. Trophies of conquest that remind us of the past. History. Aging and maturing. Retirement. Remnants of battles. Souvenirs of the past. “Words as swords”. The Spear of Destiny. The Sword Excalibur. Disarming weapons. The search for truth and justice. Suits of armor. Peace at last. Sexual impotence.

The Caution: A lack of sensitivity. A pretense of one’s abilities. Giving up and “falling on one’s sword” from defeat. Grudges. Wanting to go into ‘Battle’ at the slightest excuse. Selfish agendas. Weapons of mass destruction or weapons of mass distraction? Pre-emptive strikes. Defensive behavior. Domestic violence.


This Symbol shows the need, or the ability, to be able to sense when to be moving and when to stop, when to be out in the world and when to be “Hiding” away. There can be a heightened sense of awareness or alertness, and, possibly, an ability to hear or perceive subtle things in the environment. At times in your life, there may be aggression in the air with you probably one of the smaller players. You may feel threatened sometimes; and this can come from out of the blue. Not watching the news and not listening to negative stories can be one way of “Hiding” away. To be cautious is wise, but hiding oneself away can lead to missed opportunities for nourishment. Be wary of being bullied or “holed-up”.

Keywords: Using tactics to ensure survival. ‘Hiding’ one’s self away. Not stepping out into the big wide world for fear of making the wrong move. Security systems. Caution and reserve. Using commonsense. Things or people that feel tiny, uncertain or insecure. Refuges and the need for them. Staying out of people’s way. Staying home. Locks and keys. Stockpiling for harder times.

The Caution: People picking on each other. Being bullied out of what you deserve. Giving those “out there” more power than they warrant. Not trusting life. Paranoia. Running away from things. Not wanting to go out and socialize. Truancy. Not speaking up for fear of being shot down. Threats of terrorism. Having to lie about one’s whereabouts. Not answering the door. Being caged in. Agoraphobia. Claustrophobia.

Jupiter and Neptune are conjunct on Pisces 25: THE PURGING OF THE PRIESTHOOD

This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to be able to see through those who hold important positions yet abuse trust or those who make great claims but don’t live up to them. At regular times in your life, you’re likely to find yourself leaving others behind, kicking them out, or experiencing falls from grace. Periodically, there is a need to examine moral and spiritual sincerity. It is easy to allow those who don’t really belong to stay because of familiarity or habit. We can lose sight of the ideal through our rationalizing intellect, ego and emotive passion. There is a need to cleanse and purify your life, leading to better spiritual values. What side of the “Purging” are you on? Are you the one with the ‘right motives’? Who’s in charge?

Keywords: Revealing the truth of people for who and what they truly are. Cutting people off. Throwing out things that don’t measure up. Forced retirement and redundancies. Payouts at the end of employment. Dismissals. Opting out for moral reasons. Being fired. Holes left where someone took up a lot of space.

The Caution: Stressful battle over who’s in charge. Blackmail. The threat of being thrown out. Something being revealed. Evicting people because they deceive, lie or mislead or just because they’re not liked. Bringing somebody down. Scapegoating others. Corruption and scandal that threaten collapse. Wanting to appear to be doing the right thing. Coverups. The burning of books. Perversion.


This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to be able to transcend difficulties and things that lure you off your path and then turning around and being an example to others for how they can live their lives. At times in your life, you may feel that you can no longer survive the roller-coaster ride of your emotions. It is by controlling your “Passions” that you will be able to find an objective position that allows you to understand your life and to move forward. You can benefit everyone by teaching the new wisdom and understanding that come after having gone through some hard life lessons.

Keywords: Conquering one’s base nature. Changing through maturing realizations. Learning lessons the hard way. Realizing it’s time to let go of things that once mattered. Being an example so others may learn. Reforming one’s ways. Dignity. Guidance. Turning around. Dropping the lower ego or society. Leading a monastic life. Showing what you’ve learnt.

The Caution: Giving up on emotional growth. Being dissatisfied with life. Being forced to perform for another’s benefit. Sticking to things that are no longer worthwhile. Stubborn refusal to move forward. Misguiding others. Severe reactions.


This Symbol implies people and all living things living together in peace and harmony. They are playing and enjoying and living at the edge of the water on the beach, doing their own thing and getting on with their own lives. People with this Symbol often just want to get on with their own activities and enjoy life and nature. This is a lovely image of a live-and-let-live attitude. Try taking some time out by the water and interact with others there. With the coming and going of the tide, people do what comes most naturally to them. Just be careful that you don’t get out of your depth trying to be like others.

Keywords: Being self-sufficient. Looking after one’s own affairs. A sense of at-one-ment with all forms of life. Having a live and let live attitude. Peripheral vision. Returning to the source. Feeling safe in a natural environment. Playing alongside nature. Building sand castles. Playing in pools or baths. Buckets and spades. Sun protection. Interacting without really interacting. Swimming. Sand, wind and sea. Rockpools. Shellfish, oysters, shrimp.

The Caution: Meddling in people’s lives. Restriction of play. Being distracted. Sandcastles that will eventually get washed away. Not knowing how to loosen up with others and relax into a natural environment. Fussing that people aren’t doing the ‘right thing’. Sunburn and exposure to weather. Voyeurism.

Neptune (see Jupiter above). 

Pluto is stationary and goes retrograde in two weeks time. It’s on Capricorn 29: A WOMAN READING TEA LEAVES

This Symbol shows the ability to, or the need for, being able to see things that others miss, and being able to use the intuition in order to receive the gifts that divination can bring. While others just see something simple like a tea cup, you can have the ability to weave a story for yourself and others about how life will, or can, be. One has to put aside skepticism and be able to embrace trust and intuitive knowing in order to be able to listen to the messages that are around you. Be open to seeing meaning through the catalyst of the simplest of everyday events. You will receive messages, if you are open to ‘seeing’ the signs. You may have to deal with skeptical people in your life.

Keywords: Symbolism opening pathways to the spiritual center. Seeing the signs. Seeing signatures in small things that others miss. Intuition and clairvoyance. Creative visualization. Tea leaves and coffee grinds. Non verbal cues. Rituals. Tea and sympathy. Fathoming the depths of simple things. Predicting the future. Seeking guidance and changes of fortune.

The Caution: Reliance on superstition or esoteric advice. Constantly seeking assurance. Taking things literally, not symbolically. Looking for answers or significance everywhere. Small rewards for talents that should be more respected.


This Symbol shows that there is likely to be tense emotion, particularly around relationships. There can be a sense of tension, fear and passion. Situations may arise where something or someone can try to come between you and a beloved. This can be a person, an event or an emotion. You may need to learn to let go and find new depths to your ways of relating and relationships. Are you looking for your Garden of Eden?

Keywords: Enticement. Allurement. Revealing archetypal knowledge that may not be “socially acceptable”. Temptations. The Adam and Eve story. Jealousy. Sexual instincts. Life and death issues. Relating based on control. Kundalini energy. Realizing polarity. Individuation. Eating the Apple. The “knowledge of good and evil”. Having one’s eyes opened. Marking one’s territory.

The Caution: Feeling guilty. Being afraid to express one’s feelings. Basic instincts and sexual energy. The fear of knowledge, secret or otherwise. Using sexuality as a control device. Disgust or distrust of the body. Sexually transmitted diseases. Hiding nudity or sexuality. Being thrown out of paradise.


This Symbol points to an abundance of beauty, talent, riches or potentiality. This degree brings the message of admiring the achievements of others whilst also allowing yours to be recognized and admired as well. Realize that what you need is either at hand or soon will be. Also, something you create can last way beyond your own years. Believing in yourself and those around you can bring a wonderful sense of reward and fulfillment. Try wearing special jewelry to remind you of your self-worth, talent, ability and beauty.

Keywords: Great talent, wealth, rewards and gifts. Beauty that brings joy. Materialization of perfection. Judges of worth. Things that shine. Jewelry, stones, gold and silver. Shops, especially those that have beautiful displays. The rewards and bounty of the natural world. Treasure of any description. Purity. Genius. Crystals. Security guards. Window shopping. Personal Adornments. Things that glimmer.

The Caution: Wanting more than one’s share of rewards and spoils, even if there is plenty to share. Things for looking at, not touching. Always wanting more. Being dazzled by possessions. Greed. Stealing or wanting other people’s valuables. Superficial displays. The need for security. Jealousy. Theft. Beauty that covers up a lack of worth, talent or depth. Faking authenticity. Having to have bars on the windows. Longing for ownership. Objects of envy.

The Moon’s south node is on Scorpio 23: A RABBIT METAMORPHOSED INTO A FAIRY (NATURE SPIRIT)

This Symbol shows ascension or evolution to higher states of being. You may find your self, at times during your life, having a transformative realization that will take your focus away from the baser, animal instincts, to a more evolved, higher spiritual perception. This can lead to having higher codes of living; operating on elevated planes of being. Coming to terms with one’s vital energies can free you up to find a higher state of being. This can feel like a “Metamorphosis” – like you’re morphing into someone different, perhaps someone quite unique from others. Ascension in consciousness is likely to be happening – enjoy the ride!

Keywords: Revelation of hidden talents. Vegetarianism. Changing one’s lifestyle completely. Rapid and total transformation. Morphing. Giving up merely battling for survival. Ascension of consciousness. Elementals. Evolution. Moving into a new level of being. Raising one’s vibration. Complete changes. Psychic attunement. Losing one’s sexual charge.

The Caution: Being dissatisfied with transformation as not economically useful. Feeling ineffective or impotent, having one’s sexual power taken away. Feeling de-sexed or ‘neutered’. Losing one’s drive or libido. Feeling alone and misunderstood. Dumbed-down energies. Neglecting body in favor of spirit or emotion.