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Faith is a bluebird you see from afar. It’s real and sure as the first evening star. You can’t touch it or buy it or wrap it up tight. But it’s there just the same making things turn out right. Margery Sharp

Spread love everywhere you go: first of all in your own house. Give love to your children, to your wife or husband, to a next-door neighbor… Let no one ever come to you without leaving better or happier. Mother Teresa

When one door of happiness closes another door opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we don’t see the one that has opened. Helen Keller

Hold fast to dreams, For if dreams die Life is a broken-winged bird That cannot fly. Langston Hughes

Good fences make good neighbors. American proverb

I am a marvelous housekeeper. Every time I leave a man I keep his house. Zsa Zsa Gabor

Occuring on June 14, the full Moon in Sagittarius is a Strawberry Supermoon. What does this mean? It’s a big full Moon, and, this one is said to be good for crops as this time of year in the northern hemisphere, especially berries. There’s some good information around this to be found here.

The Sabian Symbol for this full Moon is Sagittarius 24: A BLUEBIRD, A SIGN OF GOOD LUCK AND HAPPINESS, IS STANDING AT THE DOOR OF THE HOUSE. As the Symbol suggests, this is a wonderful degree of abundance, good luck and happiness and we can do well to plant that idea more and more into our minds – especially at this time.

While this full Moon definitely has good omens, it is in a rather tight square to Neptune – so, we’re asked (pushed in some instances) to think positively and to engage more into our spiritual practices and hold to the idea that good things can and will come if we drop any useless distractions and illusions and connect in with what we really want in life. As Neville Goddard (there’s better links to him and his works but Wikipedia is a good start – if you don’t know about him, look him up!) said many times, we can do well to tap into our imaginations and see what we really want in life – our goals and aspirations for happiness. Neville Goddard’s message was to tap into the feeling of already having what we want when we are drifting off to sleep at night – to sleep with the realisation of that hope and dream (and no longer just ‘hoping’ but truly seeing it). His message is that if you really believe that you will get it, the universe will have no choice but to comply with your vision.

Neptune at this full Moon is one of finding the energies (spiritual, mental, resources, etc) to get going on the things that we really want to do – our projects. ‘Projects’ is a rather interesting word to think about – and, it can be a rather Neptunian word – what are we ‘projecting’? Where are you putting your thoughts and feelings? How do you see your future? Are you going along with others or choosing to go alone? The Sabian Symbol of Neptune is Pisces 26: A NEW MOON REVEALS THAT IT’S TIME FOR PEOPLE TO GO AHEAD WITH THEIR DIFFERENT PROJECTS – we might want to team up with others, we might want to go our own way in order to do something, to get something accomplished, and on one’s own terms.

We know that food shortages (which I predicted on Facebook in April of 2020) and having a secure home along with a feeling of happiness, have been pushing many to their limits and the last few years have been very testing.  As a collective, many have had a difficult time of things on many levels. For context, adding to this, there was a total solar eclipse on December 14, 2020 on the ‘Bluebird’ degree and that solar eclipse was also square to Neptune. On top of food shortages and the housing crisis, we also have escalating fuel prices – another Neptunian theme. On the theme of gas prices and cars and gas fueled versus electric cars, we have stationary retrograde Saturn on Aquarius 26: A GARAGE MAN TESTING A CAR’S BATTERY WITH A HYDROMETER.

Further, on the idea of fuel, there’s Walter Russell’s experiment in 1927The experiments that Russell conducted in 1927, which were verified by Westinghouse laboratories have been repeated. Russell reported at that time that he had found a novel way to change to ratio of hydrogen to oxygen in a sealed quartz tube containing water vapor. ** The use of magnetic fields was shown to produce this effect. The end result of the experiments was to demonstrate a cheap and efficient method of hydrogen production for a hydrogen based fuel economy. This is from this webpage… interesting that Russell postulated this in 1927 – nearly 100 years ago. Well, we know how they (the powers that be) bury things.

Bringing a more grounded sense of reality to this time is the fact that Saturn is sextile this full Moon, so, with some concentrated attention and planning, we can get a lot straighter and clearer and more aligned with our objectives and dreams.

One of the highlights of this time is Mars and Chiron conjunct on Aries 16: BRIGHTLY CLAD BROWNIES DANCING IN THE WARM DYING LIGHT. The ‘Warm Dying Light’ can signify a time of sundown – when we are running out of energy and can feel somewhat spent. We may be tired and not particularly motivated to get things going. However, Mars and Chiron conjunct on this degree can have us looking at The Stories That We Tell Ourselves (that’s my nickname for Chiron – The Storyteller), and, if we pay attention, we can see where our attitudes, our mind states, our patterns, etc, can have us heading down the wrong road. The ‘Brownies’ can be people, places, spirits, things, whatever, that turn up when we need help. We not only have to believe that help is at hand, we have to be prepared to accept help when it is offered. I *always* take notice when Aries 16 is around: It is one of my favourite Sabian Symbols (I don’t have it actually in my chart but then we do have all 360 Symbols in our lives regardless). I have had very magical events happen when this degree is around, either by transit of a planet, or, through the Oracle.

Jupiter, the ruler of this Sagittarian full Moon, is on Aries 6: A SQUARE BRIGHTLY LIGHTED ON ONE SIDE. Even if we feel that we are ‘closed-in’, locked-in, don’t have too many solutions, it can be through looking towards the light that we find answers to our situations. The ‘dark corners’ of our minds can have us feeling as if we’re staring at brick walls and it can work wonders when we look towards the lighter side of things – we can see windows to greater realities and rewards.

Helping us out on many levels is Mercury on Gemini 1: A GLASS-BOTTOMED BOAT REVEALS UNDER-SEA WONDERS AND PANORAMAS. This, to me, is one of the most clair seeing, feeling, hearing, etc, Symbols of the entire 360. We can sense and see things that others, perhaps, can’t.  It can clue us into what’s going on below the surface, what’s truly real and what’s not real. It can be like having polarised lenses at our disposal. We’re not quite out of Mercury’s retrograde shadow yet but we will be within the next 6-7 days. We get a chance to look at some things yet again, and, you might find the past coming up again and again. Being discerning about what you allow into your mind can work wonders with this energy.

There’s more to say – there always is. 

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The Sabian Symbol of the full Moon is Sagittarius 24: A BLUEBIRD, A SIGN OF GOOD LUCK AND HAPPINESS, IS STANDING AT THE DOOR OF THE HOUSE – the following is my full interpretation from my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees of Wisdom

Commentary: ‘A Bluebird, A Sign Of Good Luck and Happiness, Is Standing At The Door Of The House’. The ‘Bluebird’ is often seen as an omen of good fortune and ‘Happiness’, and it is pictured ‘Standing at the Door of the House’ which shows ‘Good Luck’ is coming into ‘The House’ or headed your way in some sense.

Oracle: You may soon feel that you are in a time of natural, positive, good luck. Can you see and feel it? Responding with your higher hopes for a happy and productive life will ensure that the ‘Bluebird of Good Luck and Happiness’ knows where to settle. Positive attitudes and hope for the future will see you moving forward unhindered, and these becoming reality. Observing birds in nature or in your own environment can bring reminder of how wonderful life can be. Birds are seen to be agents of spiritual messages and watching them go about their lives and hearing their calls can bring a sense of stronger connectedness to our everyday lives. Do you see or hear the ‘Blue Bird?’ If you have not paid much attention or noticed them before you may be surprised by just how many birds are around you. Are you allowing happiness to come knocking at your ‘Door’? If you can’t feel it yet, meditate on the Symbol of the ‘Bluebird’ bringing ‘Good Luck and Happiness’ as life is sure to shift in some way. You could hang up a picture of a ‘Bluebird’, or some other bird, as a token of your willingness to receive this ‘Good Luck and Happiness’. This ‘Bluebird’ may actually be a person who turns up in your life, or is already known to you. How lucky do you feel? How content with your life are you? Bring happiness into your home, take a moment to count your blessings—see how blessed you truly are.

Keywords: Calmness and rewards. Promise (or promises) of ‘Happiness’. Love and happiness available by acknowledging its presence. Real estate, house boundaries. Reminders of joy. Cottages and picket fences. Waiting for invitations to enter. Omens of good luck. Blessings. Front doors and back doors.

The Caution: Denying happiness or good news. Feeling that the grass is always greener somewhere else. Putting on false shows of happiness for all to see. Thinking that buying things will make one’s life happier. Wanting what’s not available.

The Sabian Symbol of the Karmic Condition (the degree before) of this full Moon is Sagittarius 23: A GROUP OF IMMIGRANTS FULFILLING THE REQUIREMENTS FOR ENTERING A NEW COUNTRY

This Symbol shows the ability, or the opportunity, to find a new way of life, a new country or nationality, or new place to live and raise a family. This degree shows the possibility and hope for better things and a new way of life. Whether you are an “Immigrant” or someone looking to move onto new territory, you need to be prepared to venture out into new adventures for the promise that’s offered. Once you’ve “Fulfilled the Requirements”, you can move into this brand new life and reap the rewards. There may need to be adjustments about the way one communicates one’s thoughts and ideas – be receptive to this new way of life and you’ll learn much.

Keywords: Reorientation of selfhood. Needing to change things in order to accept a new reality. The necessity of learning new languages or customs to fit in. Visas, passports, papers. Illegal immigrants. Boat people. Customs officials and regulations. Baggage and luggage. Shipping. Qualifications and certifications. Identification. Asylum. Immigration officers. Papers and qualifications that include or exclude. Refugees. Laws. Borders. Ellis Island. Throwing away the known in pursuit of the unknown.

The Caution: Entering new situations with inflexible traditions. Issues of social or racial prejudice, or the suspicion of it. Red tape getting in the way of enjoying life. Those not living up to requirements. Not getting successfully through the paperwork. Being untrue to oneself in order to be accepted. Being rejected or sent back.

The Sabian Symbol of the Quest Degree (the degree following) this full Moon is Sagittarius 25: A CHUBBY LITTLE RICH BOY RIDES UPON A HOBBYHORSE

This Symbol shows someone who has everything in life playing and enjoying doing whatever they want in a safe and comfortable atmosphere. He “Rides Upon a Hobbyhorse” – he does something he feels like doing, something easy and natural. He plays and may not be thinking too much about what’s going on in the real world about him as he is probably shielded from the more harmful elements of society because he is “Rich”. You may feel that you are doing what is necessary, but it is probably not quite the real thing. This is more like a training situation and will lead to greater ability in the future, although you should watch out for the propensity to be ‘flogging a dead horse’. Practice and play, but one day you’re going to have to prove yourself in a more rigorous, demanding situation.

Keywords: Hobbies and their pleasures. Unrestrained, imaginative play that can lead to truly wonderful creations, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Protected practice. Having to have one’s sexual needs fulfilled before one loses energy. Exercise, doing something because one can. Constantly going off on distracting schemes. Boys and their toys. Unrestrained passion.

The Caution: Someone spoilt and shallow. Feeling that one can take on anything without thought of the actual consequences. Playing when one should be more serious about life. Not doing one’s work, avoiding it by doing ‘fun’ things instead. Having no friends to play with.

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at this full Moon is Gemini 24: CAREFREE CHILDREN SKATING ON ICE

This Symbol speaks of children having to tread carefully and watchfully. Situations are likely to come up where you may not know exactly what to do and you probably have to make the most of challenging situations. If you feel like you’re on “thin ice” you may have to tread carefully, planning each step as you go and listening for cracks the entire time. If you don’t acknowledge changes and adjust yourself accordingly you may be at a disadvantage. Be wary of blindly rushing into anything – you may get to the point where you can’t safely return to where you began. If, however, you set out to have fun while being mindful of your environment, this could be a fun filled time with lots of shared experiences with good friends.

Keywords: Getting around difficult situations by making the most of them (or evading them). Skating over problems. Finding creative and childlike solutions. Testing the boundaries. Considering consequences. Tiptoeing around problems with family. Responding quickly to every type of situation. Knowing how to maneuver tight situations. Observing one’s center of gravity. Being keenly aware. Testing the waters. Being alert.

The Caution: Rushing before checking that it is safe to do so. Living for momentary pleasures, without thought of ramifications. Getting away with things through acting naively and childishly. Taking risks that put others lives on the line. Going too far too fast. Lack of warm clothing. Frozen atmospheres.

The Sabian Symbol of the Karmic Condition of the Sun is Gemini 23: THREE FLEDGLINGS IN A NEST HIGH UP IN A TREE

This Symbol implies a situation of people sharing a space, living together and cohabitating as they grow and mature. Situations are likely to be full of promise for the future. The spirit of people and events may not be quite ready yet to fly on its own and is still in need of the “mother” – or the company of siblings and friends – to sustain, protect and nourish. The time for independence will come, and probably soon, however it may be too soon to break out on your own. Know that you will be able to rise up and leave the security and venture out on your own. Although there can sometimes be a feeling of being left alone and neglected, there is still a sense of safety.

Keywords: Discovering a whole new sense of being. Teaching. Safety. Living in small spaces. Wanting room to move. Privacy. Staying in the ‘Nest’ versus leaving it. Resisting change. Providing room and board for others. Sharing flats and houses. The battle for survival. Being different, therefore breaking the mold. Brothers and sisters. Expecting to be looked after and fed. Growing spirituality. Sibling rivalry.

The Caution: Wanting to leave home before one’s ready. Wondering if one’s needs will be met. Arguments about the pecking order. Psychological immaturity. Feeling dependent on external influences for survival. Feeling trapped by circumstance. Insecurity. Feeling exposed to danger. Codependence. Not knowing or realizing one’s place. Falling out. Bickering over space.

The Sabian Symbol of the Quest Degree of the Sun is Gemini 25: A GARDENER TRIMMING LARGE PALM TREES

This Symbol shows a clearing away of the garbage, impediments or evidence of the past in order to give a fresh, clean image. Getting in with the gloves and the tools in order to clear up and clean out can bring order and neatness to your environment. However, sometimes we like to have past experiences, or wounds, on display, be they good or bad. This can bring admiration or, more likely, sympathy. But in reality, it’s best to cut out what’s not needed or ineffective in your life as it leaves a space for better and fresher things to come along. Make a special effort to make things look their best, even if this leaves them somewhat without protection from lower, more basic elements.

Keywords: Trimming off nonessentials to get to the bare reality. Caring for one’s possessions. Doing the work simply because it needs to be done. Getting rid of rubbish. Gardening and landscaping. Editing words, thoughts, emotions – superfluous things. Weeding out the unnecessary. Looking after cosmetic appearances. Tidying up. Tools. Trips to the dump.

The Caution: Doing the work because of routine, rather than need. Spending time doing things because of appearances. Neglecting the real issues at hand, which may include good nourishment, watering, and caring for physical realities. Doing menial jobs when one could be doing much bigger better ones. Not knowing when to stop. Leaving a mess.


This Symbol speaks of being able to see into things that other people don’t see. You have both the ability and the desire and the lens to be able to pierce beneath outer levels of things in order to get a grasp of what’s going on beneath the surface. It can also show that you look at the issues at hand from an objective, uninvolved perspective. A distant, possibly uninvolved position is probably much safer for you and the situation you are observing. It may be that situations are often out of your natural environment, so this is much safer – for you and those you are watching.

Keywords: Being able to see “within” to forms that are not usually observed by others. Clairvoyance. Observance of psychic phenomena. Connecting with the collective unconscious. Spiritual gifts that enlarge ones perspective. Amusement and wonder at natural beauty. Glass, lenses, refractions of light. Panoramic views. Water. Boats. Vehicles of discovery.

The Caution: Putting up barriers of social safety to avoid involvement in deep emotions. Overemphasis on safety concerns. Watching things from a distance, leading to separation and estrangement. Looking in the wrong direction. Cool, detached attitudes.


This Symbol implies a sense of moving forward quickly without feeling grounded or anchored to the realities of what’s going on around you. You may feel driven forward, almost out of your own control, but you run the risk of either going past things too quickly, or tiring as you try to resist. Let superficial excitements affect you and then be prepared to go back and sort out details later. This is a wonderful degree, but you may need to slow down and take notice of what’s going on and not be so eager to escape.

Keywords: Fleeting opportunities or inspiration. Feeling things “in the wind”. Seeking a change in the weather. Thinking on your feet. Doing things at a fast pace. Placing too much importance on the fast movement of the issue at hand. Wasting energy on nonessentials. Things floating in the air. Going at full tilt. Skywriting. Vapor trails. Things, here one minute—gone the next. Messages read from clouds. Planes. The beauty of the sky.

The Caution: Resistance to the creative flow. Superficial excitement. Unstoppable progress. Destructive development. Forces beyond your control. Making unformed or uninformed decisions on a whim. Not thinking things through. Impatience. Continual impermanence. Lack of rest or sleep. Contrails. Weather control. Overcast skies.

The Karmic Condition of Venus is Taurus 19: A NEW CONTINENT IS RISING OUT OF THE OCEAN

This Symbol shows the rising of a new place, a new place to be, a new country or somewhere to be or to live. It implies that you can find that extra spark to create a brand new, original opportunity. This pictures the beginning of something that holds an enormous amount of potential for the future. There is much work to be done developing this into something fertile and productive. A whole new field of activity is coming to light. What you have done in the past has led you to this, but these new beginnings need to be met with a fresh sense of purpose and possibility.

Keywords: Enormous potentiality emerging. New trends and ways of being. Sudden eruptions of talent or fields of endeavor. The greenhouse effect. Global warming. Atlantis and other ancient underwater cities. Evolution. Patience. Developing slowly but surely. Emerging generations of people. New environments. Things feeling suddenly foreign. The birth of a nation. Migration. Land masses. Endeavouring to hold life together under the enormous pressure of the new.

The Caution: Continually seeking “new worlds” rather than finding a place in the existing one. No responsibility for the birth of the new. No respect for the old or established. Not shifting or evolving. Staying stuck in old realities.

The Sabian Symbol of Mars and Chiron conjunct is Aries 16: BRIGHTLY CLAD BROWNIES DANCING IN THE WARM DYING LIGHT

The Brownies Symbol shows that help, given or received, is always available, especially if you believe it and accept assistance that’s offered. Sometimes, your intuitive powers are at a real high but your physical energy may not be. You may be tired and in need of help to get everything done and a lot may be demanded of you. Have faith that there’s often invisible assistance around you. You are always being guided and protected. Open your mind to possibilities and listen to the messages from within.

Keywords: Reveling in nature. Believing in guides. Fairies and nature spirits. The wonder and awe of nature. The setting sun. Last minute preparations before evening. The psychic magic of dusk. Light that dances. Unseen guardians. Receiving guidance and help. Seeing the invisible. Help at the last minute. Fairy godmothers. Questions of: what is the “real” world?

The Caution: Self-delusions. Missing the true picture of what’s happening in the “real-world”. Losing the plot. Relying on others, including angels, nature spirits, etc., instead of yourself. Neglecting responsibilities. Crying wolf. Using people.

The Sabian of the Quest Degree of Mars and Chiron is Aries 17: TWO PRIM SPINSTERS SITTING TOGETHER IN SILENCE

This Symbol shows that quiet withdrawal might be just what you need, but it is easy to become isolated in conservative, albeit moral, ideas. You may find that there is only a select, restricted group with whom you wish to associate. Be wary that this false sense of security doesn’t isolate you from change and growth. Unresolved issues can lead to stunted emotional responses. Look for opportunities to open up to new possibilities.

Keywords: The need to loosen up emotional blockages. The struggle to hold onto one’s original identity. Compromise because of social expectations. Meditations that communicate. Exclusive relationships. Relationships that have a quiet “knowing”. Dignified silence. Inner withdrawal. Communicating through body language.

The Caution: Emotional isolation. Refusing to accept relationship. Pretending to be someone that one is not. Disapproval of younger, more vital energies. Being fussy and judgmental. Chattering that is not conducive to growth or true relating. Gossip. Difficulty in communicating. Being shutoff, or shutdown. The loss of joy and spontaneity.

The Sabian Symbol of Jupiter is Aries 6: A SQUARE BRIGHTLY LIGHTED ON ONE SIDE

This Symbol often shows a positive nature that knows how to find ways out of situations by creating creative solutions. Don’t become too concerned with one side of issues in the material world, even if you feel boxed in with no way out. Don’t have all your eggs in one basket. You have the ability to simply look around, with a more objective eye and apply simple, active solutions – there are always ways out of dilemmas.

Keywords: Illuminated solutions that provide ways out of tight situations. Having to put up walls to protect or defend versus taking down the barriers. Putting all your eggs in one basket. Feeling fully contained. Walls and fences. Boxes. Understanding the borders of one’s activities. Looking for stabilization. Lighting up dark corners. Sunshine. Stepping outside the square or feeling there is no square. Moving out. Windows and doors. Rubik’s Cube.

The Caution: Surrendering, feeling trapped. Seeing only one side. Bouncing around, feeling like there’s no way out. Internal struggles that prevent seeing solutions. Not acknowledging or expressing true feelings. Desperately wanting to escape tight situations. Fear of ambush. Fear of attack from behind. Claustrophobia. Padded cells. Painting oneself into a corner.

The Sabian Symbol of stationary retrograde Saturn is Aquarius 26: A GARAGE MAN TESTING A CAR’S BATTERY WITH A HYDROMETER

This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to be able to pick up problems, to diagnose what might be wrong whether it’s mechanically, physically, spiritually or emotionally. The “Car” can be a car, or it can be your body; your earthly vehicle, and it may need some “Testing” to see how it’s coping with life’s pressures. You may need to use some type of gauge on your emotional reactions. There is often a need to take a more intuitive or psychic approach to problems, although an objective or inventive view will also bring results. Figure out any malfunctions so your life can proceed in a smoother, more efficient manner. Performing necessary checks and balances to ensure your life is working properly are part of the everyday maintenance of society.

Keywords: Testing the earthly vehicle for its roadworthiness. Situations that have “boiled-over”, bringing all to a stop. Breakdowns and the need for repair. Checking water levels. Anticipating future problems. The need for good batteries. Cars being serviced. Oil, petrol and grease. Check ups and tune-ups. Bringing forward movement to a halt.

The Caution: Causing distress by constantly analyzing people or situations. Bad breath or dry skin. Not taking time for repairs or tune-ups. Running on empty.


This Symbol shows a battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil. Although we all have our own ideas of right and wrong, this Symbol shows a desire to go head-to-head in an attempt to bring light and love to situations that seem dark and foreboding. Often, there is a struggle between one’s practical needs and the underlying reasons for having those needs. You may find yourself sometimes caught up in what you are trying to achieve and have lost sight of why. There’s often corruption around, but the endeavor to bring ‘enlightenment’ to people often meets with severe resistance. Witness the stranglehold the media has on information.

Keywords: The battle of “might versus light”. The Spear of Destiny. Spiritual differences. Arguments. The story of Hitler. The Inquisition. The Crusades. Bringing love and light to war zones. The pen being mightier than the sword. Peace marches, Candles, torches. Weapons. The might of the media.

The Caution: Controlling those around with rational or brute force rather than with inner enlightenment or knowledge. People arguing over ideals. Forcing opinions on each other. Religious conflicts. War rallies. Propaganda.

The Sabian Symbol of stationary retrograde Neptune is Pisces 26: A NEW MOON REVEALS THAT IT’S TIME FOR PEOPLE TO GO AHEAD WITH THEIR DIFFERENT PROJECTS

This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to be able to see, or to accept, when it’s time for people to move on or to part from each other. They need to “Go Ahead With Their Different Projects” – their focus has changed and, quite possibly, parted ways. There’s a picture here of new beginnings. People will have their own response to situations – everyone will not react in the same way. At times in your life, you’ll have this “New Moon”, and decide to go your separate ways. It can be a good idea to direct some energy into your desires or projects at the time of the new moon. Light a candle and state your intentions with honesty and love.

Keywords: Diversifying. Applying talents in a different direction. People splitting up and splitting off. New opportunities and potentials. The beginning of a new age. Letting go of the old and outworn. Separations. Embracing one’s future without the need for others. Coming to a fork in the road. Divorces. New jobs, directions and destinies. The dawning of a new era.

The Caution: Not giving, or receiving emotional support. Feeling split off and alone, even when one is with others. The fear and loathing of possible separation. Overthrowing the old too quickly. Changing direction unexpectedly. The fear of old age. Relationships that fail again and again.

The Sabian Symbol of stationary retrograde Pluto is Capricorn 29: A WOMAN READING TEA LEAVES

This Symbol shows the ability to, or the need for, being able to see things that others miss, and being able to use the intuition in order to receive the gifts that divination can bring. While others just see something simple like a tea cup, you can have the ability to weave a story for yourself and others about how life will, or can, be. One has to put aside skepticism and be able to embrace trust and intuitive knowing in order to be able to listen to the messages that are around you. Be open to seeing meaning through the catalyst of the simplest of everyday events. You will receive messages, if you are open to ‘seeing’ the signs. You may have to deal with skeptical people in your life.

Keywords: Symbolism opening pathways to the spiritual center. Seeing the signs. Seeing signatures in small things that others miss. Intuition and clairvoyance. Creative visualization. Tea leaves and coffee grinds. Non verbal cues. Rituals. Tea and sympathy. Fathoming the depths of simple things. Predicting the future. Seeking guidance and changes of fortune.

The Caution: Reliance on superstition or esoteric advice. Constantly seeking assurance. Taking things literally, not symbolically. Looking for answers or significance everywhere. Small rewards for talents that should be more respected.

The Sabian Symbol of the Moon’s north node is Taurus 23: A JEWELRY SHOP FILLED WITH THE MOST MAGNIFICENT JEWELS

This Symbol points to an abundance of beauty, talent, riches or potentiality. This degree brings the message of admiring the achievements of others whilst also allowing yours to be recognized and admired as well. Realize that what you need is either at hand or soon will be. Also, something you create can last way beyond your own years. Believing in yourself and those around you can bring a wonderful sense of reward and fulfillment. Try wearing special jewelry to remind you of your self-worth, talent, ability and beauty.

Keywords: Great talent, wealth, rewards and gifts. Beauty that brings joy. Materialization of perfection. Judges of worth. Things that shine. Jewelry, stones, gold and silver. Shops, especially those that have beautiful displays. The rewards and bounty of the natural world. Treasure of any description. Purity. Genius. Crystals. Security guards. Window shopping. Personal Adornments. Things that glimmer.

The Caution: Wanting more than one’s share of rewards and spoils, even if there is plenty to share. Things for looking at, not touching. Always wanting more. Being dazzled by possessions. Greed. Stealing or wanting other people’s valuables. Superficial displays. The need for security. Jealousy. Theft. Beauty that covers up a lack of worth, talent or depth. Faking authenticity. Having to have bars on the windows. Longing for ownership. Objects of envy.

The Sabian Symbol of the Moon’s south node is Scorpio 23: A RABBIT METAMORPHOSED INTO A FAIRY (NATURE SPIRIT)

This Symbol shows ascension or evolution to higher states of being. You may find your self, at times during your life, having a transformative realization that will take your focus away from the baser, animal instincts, to a more evolved, higher spiritual perception. This can lead to having higher codes of living; operating on elevated planes of being. Coming to terms with one’s vital energies can free you up to find a higher state of being. This can feel like a “Metamorphosis” – like you’re morphing into someone different, perhaps someone quite unique from others. Ascension in consciousness is likely to be happening – enjoy the ride!

Keywords: Revelation of hidden talents. Vegetarianism. Changing one’s lifestyle completely. Rapid and total transformation. Morphing. Giving up merely battling for survival. Ascension of consciousness. Elementals. Evolution. Moving into a new level of being. Raising one’s vibration. Complete changes. Psychic attunement. Losing one’s sexual charge.

The Caution: Being dissatisfied with transformation as not economically useful. Feeling ineffective or impotent, having one’s sexual power taken away. Feeling de-sexed or ‘neutered’. Losing one’s drive or libido. Feeling alone and misunderstood. Dumbed-down energies. Neglecting body in favor of spirit or emotion.