Staying On Track While Rewriting The Story: The Aries New Moon

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

I am a feather for each wind that blows. William Shakespeare

Our plans miscarry because they have no aim. When you don’t know what harbor you’re aiming for, no wind is the right wind. Seneca

Like a kite cut from the string, lightly the soul of my youth has taken flight. Ishikawa Takuboku

Distracted by what is far away, he does not see his nose. Malagasy Proverb

If the winds of fortune are temporarily blowing against you, remember that you can harness them and make them carry you toward your definite purpose through the use of your imagination. Napolean Hill

If you pay nervous attention to other people’s opinions, maneuver to obtain their indulgence and to stand high in their esteem, you will be whisked about in their winds and you will lose yourself. Jo Coubert

A great wind is blowing and that gives you either imagination or a headache. Catherine II

The Aries new Moon falls on March 27-28 in the United States and March 28 in Australia. It is a very interesting new Moon in that it holds a lot of Venusian energies, with Venus being retrograde, and, conjunct (together with) this new Moon, and, we have Mars in Taurus and Jupiter in Libra, both of these also adding to the Venus flavour (both Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus). However, of course, it is also a very Mars ruled type of energy as well, being the new Moon in Aries, and, having Venus, Uranus and Mercury in Aries. And, what with all this Venus/Mars energies, we have an emphasis on relationships, although, it seems, that the major message is around our relationship with ourselves.

The major theme of this new Moon is to take care of ourselves, define what we want for ourselves, to say no more to some issues in our lives, and, to throw out things that are no longer working for us. Whether it’s relationships, possessions, ideas, habits, self-negating memories, etc, this can be a major time of purging those things that hold us back.

This has, for some time, been a very Chironic time as Chiron has been a major factor in the recent planetary energies, and, Chiron is urging us to get on with our ‘projects’ those things that we may have been wanting, even itching, to do, but, have been distracted from doing by other considerations. We are being asked to stay on course, to keep to our visions, even if it means adjustments have to be made along the way. Chiron asks that we examine The Stories That We Tell Ourselves about our ‘wounds’. What stories do you have running that need to be ‘purged’?

One of the biggest aspects is Venus retrograde (click here to see my post on this 40 day period that we’re in) in Aries conjunct this new Moon. We are in the midst of analysing, revising, rewriting and rewiring our attitudes towards relationships of all kinds, and, most importantly, our relationship with ourselves.

Mercury is conjunct Uranus in Aries, and, we can see some big shifts coming about from sometimes sudden and inspiring insights, messages, revelations and resolutions. We are being asked to really examine our lives in order to move into a more authentic, more rewarding and fulfilling version of ourselves. Some things (obviously not all!) things that we thought to be important will be falling away as we move into a new understanding of who, what and where we want in our lives.

A major theme for this new Moon, and for this entire period of a few months, is one of letting go, and, just before the full Moon, Mercury goes retrograde on Taurus 5: A WIDOW, FRESH AND SOUL CLEANSED FROM GRIEF, STANDS AT AN OPEN GRAVE, READY TO RECEIVE THE SECRET TO ETERNAL LIFE. Although this degree can sound rather ominous, it does not have to be a bout a ‘physical death” it is most likely to be showing us the very strong need to let go, move on and accept the changes that are happening around and within us. What a time we are experiencing!

In amongst all the planetary energies we are experiencing, one of the major things is to stay on track.

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The New Moon is on Aries 8:A WOMAN’S HAT WITH STREAMERS BLOWN BY THE EAST WIND The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom– the following is from my book –

Commentary: ‘A Woman’s Hat With Streamers Blown By the East Wind’. The ‘East Wind’ often implies messages or forces coming in seemingly from out of the blue. These messages could be about spirit or spiritual teachings. There’s a degree of gentleness here and adaptability to external forces. Eastern philosophies can come to mind as a way of thinking through this experience. Indeed, some of the oriental systems of thought may play a major part in this situation.

Oracle: In the situation facing you, you may feel as though you’re being blown a little off course from what you originally set out to do. This can happen even more if you or someone you’re dealing with can’t make up their mind, or are constantly shifting their perspective. There’s a need to adjust continually to the direction of outside forces. Shifts of mind and attitude may happen as a result or may, indeed, need to happen. Any changes are best greeted and considered playfully and lightly. Allow wisdom to lead you to new and different solutions, but be wary of acting superficially. Look to see if your mind keeps changing course and blowing you off center. If you do lose your way temporarily, be assured that you can be steered back onto the right course with just a little contemplation on the direction your life is meant to be taking you. Take your time, be patient and act with the feminine forces of gentility, grace and dignity. This Symbol indicates that you are somewhat protected from the more disturbing elements of your situation. Is someone running after something or someone, trying to retrieve it whilst it just keeps being ‘Blown’ further away? In what direction is this ‘Wind’ blowing you?

Keywords: Attuning oneself through Eastern philosophies. Protective guidance. Balloons and hot-air ballooning. Compasses. Weather vanes and wind chimes. East meets west. Being adaptable to the moment. The winds of time and change. Shifts in the ‘Wind’ bringing shifts in attitude or direction. Hats, scarves, streamers.

The Caution: Only accepting solutions that satisfy selfish or social needs. Insincere and easily blown around. Fickleness. Being tossed around by momentary patterns in the “weather”. Conflicting ideals. Forgetting things in a moment. Being easily distracted. Changing course midstream. Being blown off the path, thereby losing ones center or way. Breezes that disturb ones equilibrium. Losing yourself in other’s opinions.

The Karmic Degree for the Moon is Aries 7: A MAN SUCCESSFULLY EXPRESSING HIMSELF IN TWO REALMS AT ONCE – this can be a very rewarding degree, especially if you feel that you are able to fulfill all the things you need to be doing. However, it can have us running ragged if we find ourselves too ‘divided’, having too many roles to attend to, too much on our pates.

This is a great degree of being successful in one or more areas of your life. Even though life may somehow seem divided, you can be fully expressive in each aspect of your life if you give each aspect value and look for each part’s individual importance. There’s the ability to shift your focus from one thing to another when it is needed or useful. Be careful not to scatter your energies, but, of course, indulge in the various areas of life or projects that interest you. Can be straight jobs versus unusual talents or hobbies or vice versa or having two relationships or two versions of reality happening at the same time.

Keywords: Integrating the spiritual with the material. Balancing things. Doing juggling acts. Moving through people’s lives and social stratas. Translations of words and thoughts from one area of life to another. Having separate family situations. Living a dual life. Being adaptable. Moonlighting. Alternate realities. Shifting focus when necessary. Versatility. Looking elsewhere.

The Caution: Fooling yourself that you can be all things to different people, but eventually failing in one or both. Exhaustion through trying to achieve too much. Deception, if allegiances are not clear. Infidelity and fickleness. Scattering of interests with little being achieved. Bigamy. Two-faced. Lies and masquerades. Feeling like one doesn’t truly fit in anywhere. Not being able to stop.

The Quest Degree for the Moon is Aries 9: A SEER GAZES INTENTLY INTO A CRYSTAL BALL IN FRONT OF THEM – this degree comes into focus soon after the new Moon, it shows that we need to focus intently on what is before us. What messages are coming through? What do you need to pay attention to?

This Symbol shows the ability to focus, take in insights, analyze meaning and draw conclusions from the available information. It is likely that the whole picture is there in front of you, but you may need to interpret its meaning. With a little concentrated effort, you will be able to see things very clearly. There is the ability to observe things that others may miss. Try really tuning in and looking within for answers as you have the ability to see them with just a bit of focus. What is your unconscious mind trying to tell you? Is your gaze wide enough or too narrow?

Keywords: Flashes of inspiration. Tuning in and looking within for answers. Creative visualizations. Aura readings. Cutting through irrelevant messages. Looking carefully at structure. Seeking perfection. Clairvoyance. Illumination and deep insights. Looking ahead to see the signs.

The Caution: Confused by literal meanings. Not seeing the symbolic message. Always looking this way and that, not at the center. Getting lost in the big picture. Daydreaming and ignoring what’s really going on. Obsessing over what may happen. Needing to know what’s coming up. Being impatient.

The Moon symbolizes: Emotions, moods, mother, family, clan, domestic issues, relationship to home and country. Feelings, sentiments, nourishment, emotional nurturing, monkey chatter mind, lunar and menstrual cycles, clarity of emotions or lunacy. Female energy – yours and others.

 Mercury is on Aries 26: A PERSON POSSESSED OF MORE GIFTS THAN THEY CAN HOLD – this can be a fabulous degree that shows us having so many wonderful things at our disposal. It can, though, show situations where we realise that we just have too much; too many possessions, too much clutter, too many things to think about, etc. This degree can show a very strong need to simplify our lives, or, it can show the the need, or, the possibility, of concentrating on one thing, or, the biggest and best things that can bring us rewards while dropping those things that just tend to hold us back. Do you have too many balls in the air at once? What needs to be jettisoned now in order to lighten up your load?

This Symbol often shows someone who has more talent, more possessions, more gifts than most other people. Perhaps too much is demanded or expected of you or you expect life to give you more and more and more. Recognize that you are surrounded by abundance, but perhaps you are unable to experience it all at once. If you don’t feel you have the ability to cope with all that life throws at you then look in your ‘storehouse’ and you could be surprised at talents you have that have never even been used. You may have to give up some things in order to make room for others.

Keywords: Potentials and the obsessions they can bring. Obsessions about “having things” or achieving goals. Counting one’s blessings. Jack-of-all-trades. Having to drop the bundle if one more thing is added. Being talented and blessed. Enormous responsibilities. Wanting to contain all possibilities. Storage. So many things to do—so little time.

The Caution: Not being able to focus on one issue at a time, or on ideas of real worth and therefore not really achieving anything. Inability to gain or contain everything that is desired. Ambition that knows no bounds. Greediness and insatiability. Being told that you can’t have what you want. Things piling up. Juggling and dropping the ball. Feeling as though you will lose everything. Being overwhelmed with possibilities.

The Quest Degree for Mercury is Aries 27: THROUGH IMAGINATION, A LOST OPPORTUNITY IS REGAINED – how can you regain, or, revitalize your life in some way? How can you revision what you want. A ‘lost opportunity’ can come back to you, even if it’s in a slightly different form than you might have imagined.

This Symbol shows the talent or the ability to be able to use inner creative energy to revitalize ideas or opportunities that seemed to be lost. Whatever it is that you need to do, believe that it is possible and create an image in your mind and you will most likely succeed at gaining it or recovering it. Always take heart; there is energy here to recapture things that seemed to be lost. Visualizing what you want, allowing time and watching for it to manifest can bring astounding results. Sometimes, however, the “lost opportunities regained” are in a different form than we had first imagined. Creative imagination and visualization. Hope renewed. Second chances. Last minute reprieves. Being forgiven or pardoned. Imagineering. Making up for losses.

Keywords: Creative imagination and visualization. Hopes renewed when all seemed lost. Second chances. Last minute reprieves. Retracing your steps. Judging things to be positive when once they were thought to be negative. Being exonerated or forgiven. Pardons giving release. Imagineering. Retrieving things. Making up for lost ground or time. Changing your mind therefore changing your outcome.

The Caution: Relying on self-pity. Denying the imagination to recover the situation. Not noticing solutions to problems. Letting chances for recovery disappear through inaction or laziness. Going over and over lost opportunities. Finding it impossible to let go. Staring at loss and not realizing what one has.

Mercury symbolizes: Mind, thought, communication, memory, expression, intelligence. News, exchanges, chatting, conversations, short journeys, connections with others, telephones, emails, siblings, neighbors, the reasoning mind. Day-to-day activities. Cars, keys, small animals.

 Venus is retrograde on Aries 4: TWO LOVERS ARE STROLLING THROUGH A SECLUDED WALK – Venus on this degree, particularly retrograde, can have us wondering about relationships, about love, about how we spend our time, our days, etc. Depending on your situation, you might be enjoying your friends or partner, longing for a partner, wondering why you don’t have a partner, OR, it can have some wishing that they had more time to themselves. I’ve seen this Sabian Symbol work both ways…

This Symbol speaks of spending time with a lover or loved ones, or, it can show issues of loneliness; wondering where the ‘other’ is. Being with someone you love and enjoying their presence without rush or pressure is likely to be important, or perhaps that’s what you’re needing right now. Perhaps it’s about being ok just being with that part of you that you never seem to have much time for. One should be able to escape the realities of the world and touch the deeper feelings of the heart, without fear of being excluded or criticized. Try to find some time for quiet romance and balance.

Keywords: Walking love’s path. Secret love affairs. Seeking shelter from others’ eyes. Wanting or needing to be undisturbed. The young at heart. Being by one’s self and wondering where the ‘’other’’ is. Romance. Quiet moments. Seclusion and peace. Intimacy and sharing. Desired destinations. Walking and strolling together. “Keep Out” signs. Relationships that are solid and satisfying. Issues of seclusion, inclusion or exclusion. Privacy. Being self-sufficient.

The Caution: Being ‘selfish’ by keeping one’s partner or friend to oneself. Jealousy when others are around. Feeling ‘left out’ and uninvited. Narrow-minded responses to people or things. Loneliness and/or the desire to be left alone. Denial of self and needs. Not wanting contact. Rejecting those who don’t measure up. Seeing one’s partner as a possession.

The Karmic Degree for Venus retrograde is Aries 3: A CAMEO SHOWS THE PROFILE OF A PERSON THAT SUGGESTS THE OUTLINE OF THEIR COUNTRY – Venus will be on this degree shortly after this new Moon. It can give us a sense of the need to define ourselves, how do we see our place in life?

This Symbol shows that there is a need for an objective awareness of how your life fits into the larger picture. How do you, and others, fit into this situation? Does your ‘Profile’ define you in a different way from what you’d like, or are you happy with your image? You may find you have a more important role than you previously thought. Imprint your mark on life by becoming a shining example of your country, tradition, beliefs or culture. However, try not to become too identified with externals or seeking recognition from the people around you.

Keywords: Observing one’s limitations. Living a life that is large. Atlases and maps. Standing by one’s self. Allegiances with creed, religion, race or country. Nationhood. Brotherhood. The land. People in uniforms of any kind. The face of fighters who fought ‘the good fight’. Borders and limitations to activity. Identification. Expatriates.

The Caution: Stereotyping one’s self or others. Blindly following the dogma of parents, government or officials. Not seeing the true essence of one’s self. Expecting to fit into some “shape” or model. Becoming identified with externals. Seeking recognition from others.

The Quest Degree for Venus retrograde is Aries 5: A WHITE TRIANGLE IS SEEN; IT HAS GOLDEN WINGS – Venus has justrecently passed over this degree, and, it will again in May.

This Symbol shows the ability to be able to lift yourself above the ordinary, using your natural gifts to find a new perspective, an uplifted view; to expand your awareness. This can picture an eagerness for spiritual integration or a capacity to escape from reality. Try to ground the vision, while allowing yourself the free flight of vision. This Symbol often brings a strong spiritual nature that expresses itself through purity of thought and insight.

Keywords: Inspiration and zeal. Feeling elevated and inspired through spiritual or creative agencies. Flying to a greater perspective. Taking off. Purity of thought and expression. Angelic forms. Creative imagination. Self-transcendence. Finding new dimensions of experience. Illusions of sight. Visions. Untethered imaginations. Ascension. Ascended beings. Moths. Butterflies. Flying Machines.

The Caution: Not noticing your own down-to-earth needs or the needs of those around you. Losing the plot. Escapism. Forgetting about the requirements and desires of the body. Being ungrounded. The space cadet. Things that aren’t based in reality.

Venus symbolizes: Relatedness, cooperation, what attracts you. The experience of sweetness, beauty or delight. Social interactions, love, friends, how you reach out to people. Feminine persona, relationship with mother and females. Money, possessions, sense of values.

 Mars is on Taurus 13: A PORTER CARRYING A MOUNTAIN OF HEAVY BAGGAGE – how much ‘baggage’ are you carrying? Is it time to let some of it go?

This Symbol implies someone who tends to carry the load for others. They often feel responsible for everyone and everything. The ‘Porter’ will usually spring to attention when asked to help or to shoulder the burden of other’s luggage or their baggage. In fact, you may be doing a lot to help others, but not getting much appreciation or thanks. Be wary that you are not just helping people to hang on to their extra ‘baggage’, through your desire to be useful and helpful. This can weigh them down when you are no longer available. Grinning and bearing the weight only works for so long before one tires of it.

Keywords: Self-reliance. Owning other people’s ‘garbage’. Shouldering baggage or weight. Being weighed-down. Feeling responsible for everything. Bad backs and posture. Carrying others. Counseling people, taking on their emotions. Bad backs, shoulders, knees, etc. Strain and wear. Bearing the family guilt. Luggage. Trolleys. Looking for tips.

The Caution: Being busy with other peoples’ problems. Unable to work for your own benefit. Carrying other peoples’ responsibilities. Being indispensable until the energy is all worn out. Not knowing when to say “no” to other’s demands. The burden of debts. Being useful but unimportant.

Mars symbolizes: Drive, determination or agenda, how you get to your goals. How you express and handle anger, ambition, assertion of self and ability to step forward. The male principle, sexuality, the ability to step up to the plate when one needs to. Fight or flight.

 Jupiter is retrograde on Libra 20: A JEWISH RABBI IN A TINY ROOM FULL OF MANUSCRIPTS AND BOOKS, PERFORMING HIS DUTY – this degree can show the need, or the desire, to attend more and spend more time on the valuable and enriching rituals of our lives.

This Symbol implies a person having the role of administering the spiritual and ethical laws and rituals and rules for living in their society. No matter how large or small the role is, this Symbol implies being in touch with one’s roots and studying and learning how to translate the lessons and the benefits for others. There is age old wisdom and established tradition which has survived to this day and you may need to access this knowledge though instruction or an inner search in order to deal with situations. There are “Duties” and ceremonies that need to be performed, either for your self of your community. Do what’s needed with faith and reverence.

Keywords: Connection with ancient sources of truth and understanding. Faith in abiding laws. Inherited wisdom. Ancient books. Fundamentalism. Rituals, social and otherwise. Initiation ceremonies. Book work. Studying and worshipping. Doing deeds on behalf of the community. Religious services. Writings that reveal rules for living. Lawyers. Advocates. Hidden knowledge.

The Caution: Religious dogmatism. Too strictly following the rules”. Over-inflated sense of self. Distrust of people from different religions, backgrounds or ethnic origins..

The Karmic Degree for retrograde Jupiter is Libra 19: A GANG OF ROBBERS IN HIDING – with Jupiter moving back onto this degree just days after this new Moon, we have an added opportunity to be able to discover, look at and deal with those issues, thoughts, beliefs, memories, etc, The Stories That We Tell Ourselves. Jupiter can bring these to light so we can deal with them, and, let them go.

This Symbol implies that you may feel you have been wronged or something has been taken from you. Often, there is no real way of finding who or what is the cause. It often happens that the feelings of loss or being taken advantage of are mostly in your own mind, making it difficult to trust or even to know how to trust. Make sure that there is no undermining of faith by indulging in suspicions that are ungrounded in reality. You could spend time searching for perpetrators, but a better solution is probably to get on with your life. However, do take precautions so you’re not easily taken advantage of. Things will most probably come to light when they are meant to.

Keywords: Gaining unfair advantage. Robbers and thieves. Spying. The cold war. Big business ripping off the “little guy”. People appearing to be something that they are not. Con-men mentality. Holding up proceedings. Mental attitudes that sabotage, restrict or control. The need for light. Voyeurism. Gangs. Private detectives. Ambushes.

The Caution: Gaining unfair advantage at someone else’s expense. Finding it hard to trust anything. Difficult hidden energy that may erupt into consciousness. Feeling that someone is going to “get” you. Hiding in the shadows. Locks and shutters that prevent true relationship. Unbalanced mental states. Paranoia. Distrusting life.

Jupiter symbolizes: The big picture, expansion, exploration, aspirations, religious and philosophical ideals, issues to do with traveling, foreign lands, people and traditions, culture, education, generosity, luck, abundance, support, optimism. Insight through knowledge and wisdom.

 Saturn is stationary on Sagittarius 28: A SPLENDIDLY BUILT BRIDGE, A HERITAGE OF UNKNOWN AGES, STILL SPANS THE BEAUTIFUL AND WILDLY PRIMITIVE STREAM – with Saturn here, and, seeing it’s the degree of the Galactic Center, we are being asked to be, or act, as  a ‘bridge’ – a bridge between ourselves and others, ourselves and God, ourselves and where we want to be.

This Symbol speaks of building bridges between places, people and events in order to bring them together and to add cohesion to society. The “Bridge” implies strength, dependability and passage to other places. The bridge was built many years ago and it presents the ability to be able to reach back into time, to reflect on what was important then and what’s important now. Often these values are one and the same. Traditional ways of approaching things can lead to the best solutions. There is a linking of people, places and things with clarity. Note: the Galactic Center is on this degree. We need to act as bridges in order to truly create!

Keywords: The Godhead. This is the exact Symbol of the Galactic Center. Enduring elements from past traditions providing links with the modern day. Reverence for things of worth that stand as reminders of yesterday. Linking people, places and things with clarity. Connections with the “old country”, or past lives. Beautiful and inspiring landscapes. Getting in touch with people. Ever repeating journeys. Passages across the water. Permanence.

The Caution: Sticking with old and possibly outworn methods. No new ideas to resolve situations. Continually traveling the “trued and true” path without deviating..

The Karmic Degree for Saturn is Sagittarius 27: THE SCULPTOR’S VISION IS SLOWLY BUT SURELY TAKING FORM – for those of us born before 2015, this was the exact degree of the Galactic Center. What is our ‘vision’ for ourselves, our future, for the planet?

This Symbol shows being able to project one’s visions, thoughts or ideals out into the world so that they take form and come into conscious manifestation. This is the exact degree of the Galactic Center up until October of 2015 – and it holds an enormous charge of energy and power, something not to be taken lightly. There is a responsibility inherent in this for you to understand that your thoughts will take shape, so be careful about what you think! You may find yourself in situations where you can manipulate events into something of value and lasting integrity. Slow, painstaking work will bring rewards as things come to fruition. You are able to project shape and form onto materials to have a desired outcome. Follow your “Vision”, be creative; picture an outcome and watch it materialize!

Keywords: Concrete creative manifestation. The Godhead. This is a Symbol of the Galactic Center. Creating the ‘Vision’. Evolution. Things going from crude beginnings all the way up to concrete outcomes. Sculptors and sculptures. Molding shapes and forms. Seeing and visualizing things ahead of their time. Sticking with the creation.

The Caution: Disregard of others’ needs. Unnatural focus on the goal. Being one-eyed about the outcome. Watching a situation, or one’s life “crystallize” into unbending shapes. Having one’s designs set in stone. Sitting back and thinking that things will just magically happen without any effort being made. Others believing they know what you should do or be.

Saturn symbolizes: Authority, rules, discipline and obligation The heavy stuff. What we fear, loss, karma, aging, the establishment, orthodoxy, tradition, status, the concept of time, walls, boundaries, limits, older people, restrictions, patience, conquering difficulties.

 Uranus is on Aries 24: AN OPEN WINDOW AND A NET CURTAIN BLOWING INTO THE SHAPE OF A CORNUCOPIA – time to open those windows and blinds and doors and let love and luck and goodness in!

This Symbol shows that your mind is, or should be, open to possibilities that are being ‘blown’ in from the realm of spirit. There is an abundance coming, shown by the Cornucopia, which will be self-sustaining. This degree suggests that with the slightest change in direction your fortunes could change as well. Look for out-of-the-ordinary opportunities and possibilities. Realizing that in one’s everyday life, one has it all. Open your windows and blinds and let air and sunshine in and watch good things follow.

Keywords: Imagination. Keeping your options open. The promise of fruition. The breath of life filled with inspiration. Realizing that in everyday life, one has it all. Windows of opportunity. Gain, abundance, riches. Spiritual energies pouring in. Concentrated energy. Seeing desires taking shape. Curtains and windows.

The Caution: Relying on spiritual ideas to provide material sustenance. Thinking that good luck will just ‘blow in’. Shutting windows and doors – keeping light and life out.

Uranus symbolizes: The unexpected, things that are individual or ‘different’. Charged, energetic dynamics, electricity, light, lightning bolts, sudden changes, those who live on the fringe of society. Sudden turns and twists of fate. Rebellion, surprises, liberation, freedom.

 Neptune is on Pisces 13: A SWORD, USED IN MANY BATTLES, IS NOW IN A MUSEUM – this is yet another Symbol of the need to ‘bury’ the past, to let it go to let go of the fight, to let go of the war. We can though, find enormous rewards from drawing our Excalibur Sword – that instrument or reminder of how great we can be, and, how great our mission is on the planet

This shows knowing when to stop battling in life, when to lay down one’s “Sword” and take up a higher position that reflects a more intelligent or spiritual way of being in the world. Sometimes, when reminded of the battles of the past, we are influenced towards actions that ensure peace. We are uplifted by the symbolic memory of past deeds of valor, although stings of defeat may be part of the story. You may be faced with the choice of fighting or reasoning which is confused by your lack of training or experience in the ways of “Battle”. Don’t go down with the ship. It helps to lay down one’s ‘sword’ – not in order to surrender, but to stop the ‘warring’.

Keywords: Willpower. Martial arts. Putting aside thoughts of vengeance and revenge. Hanging up or laying down one’s ‘Sword’. Trophies of conquest that remind us of the past. History. Aging and maturing. Retirement. Remnants of battles. Souvenirs of the past. “Words as swords”. The Spear of Destiny. The Sword Excalibur. Disarming weapons. The search for truth and justice. Suits of armor. Peace at last. Sexual impotence.

The Caution: A lack of sensitivity. A pretense of one’s abilities. Giving up and “falling on one’s sword” from defeat. Grudges. Wanting to go into ‘Battle’ at the slightest excuse. Selfish agendas. Weapons of mass destruction or weapons of mass distraction? Pre-emptive strikes. Defensive behavior. Domestic violence.

Neptune symbolizes: Mystical, “out there,” spirituality and con artists. Dreams, mysteries, mystics and religious issues. Intuition, clairvoyance, seeing into the invisible. Addictive, chaotic, charming, deceptive, illusory, co dependent, sensory awareness. 

 Pluto is on Capricorn 20: A HIDDEN CHOIR SINGING DURING A RELIGIOUS SERVICE – what ‘messages’ are you picking up? What songs (stories) are playing in your mind?

This Symbol shows singing, playing or enjoying music, and, also, to be able to pick up on things that others don’t see or hear. The “Hidden Choir” brings songs, or sounds, with messages of salvation and faith. The fact that they are hidden shows something coming out of the background, something subtle, something others may miss. It can be important to be receptive to your feminine, intuitive side, as there are messages to be heard. Realize that you are not alone; there are other people who feel the same things. Watch out for mental noise. The voices of the women heard more through orthodox halls. Do you want to contribute?

Keywords: Background messages. Voices not heard or noticed before. Men, women and the church. Sensitivity to spirituality. Speaking behind closed doors. Voices from “nowhere”. Melodies from the past. Choirs, organs and organ music. Channeled voices. Songs, sheet music. Hidden speakers. Clairvoyance.

The Caution: Mental chatter that confuses. Messages that don’t make sense. Manipulation through guilt. Gossip. Being afraid to sing. Constant thinking. Not paying attention.

Pluto symbolizes: Unconscious motivations, depth psychology, history. Sex, procreation at a deep level, intensity, profound emotions, taking hold of one’s power. Being king or queen of one’s underworld. Strength, survival mode instincts. Big money. Big power. The Plutocracy. Power vs power struggles.

 Chiron is on Pisces 26: A NEW MOON REVEALS THAT IT’S TIME FOR PEOPLE TO GO AHEAD WITH THEIR DIFFERENT PROJECTS – this degree can have us wanting to push forward with new projects, new ideas, new opportunities, and, for some, new relationships. This is especially so as  Chiron has recently spent several months on Pisces 25: THE PURGING OF THE PRIESTHOOD. 

This shows being able to see, or to accept, when it’s time for people to move on or to part from each other. They need to “Go Ahead With Their Different Projects” – their focus has changed and, quite possibly, they’ve parted ways. There’s a picture here of new beginnings. People will have their own response to situations – not everyone will react in the same way. It can be a good idea to direct some energy into your desires or projects at the time of the new moon. Light a candle and state your intentions with honesty and love.

Keywords: Diversifying. Applying talents in a different direction. People splitting up and splitting off. New opportunities and potentials. The beginning of a new age. Letting go of the old and outworn. Separations. Embracing one’s future without the need for others. Coming to a fork in the road. Divorces. New jobs, directions and destinies. The dawning of a new era.

The Caution: Not giving emotional support. Feeling split off and alone. The fear and loathing of separation. Failing relationships. Overthrowing the old too quickly. Fickleness.

Chiron symbolizes: Our wounds, Chiron is known as The Wounded Healer. The wounds are The Stories That We Tell Ourselves, it is where we have to focus on healing, it can show things that are out of shape or misplaced or in need of repair.

 The Moon’s North Node is on Virgo 4: BLACK AND WHITE CHILDREN PLAYING HAPPILY TOGETHER – this degree asks us to let go of the differences we might perceive between ourselves and others, to be accepting of others, even if they hold different spiritual, religious, ethnic or whatever, views.

This Symbol shows the integration of people of different races, religions, economic status or places. You may find people from different or seemingly disparate or separate areas coming into your life, making it richer, more rewarding and interesting. Prejudice of any kind, whether religious or race based, economic or class systems, is an illusion based on social perception and excludes people that could add to our lives. Social perceptions can color how we see others and these need to be put aside. Rather, it’s about embracing brotherhood and caring. The integration, acceptance and enjoyment of all people brings depth and meaning to life.

Keywords: Universal brotherhood. Overcoming prejudices and boundaries that separate people. Knocking down social barriers to relate freely. Being able to let go, relax and have fun with people from anywhere. Adopted siblings. Foster homes. Affirmative action. Trust and joy. Play that unites people.

The Caution: Acting with morality that is swayed by public opinion. Not being able to adjust psychologically to situations that require creative responses. Racial prejudice.

The Moon’s North Node symbolizes: This is known as quite a ‘karmic point’ (although all planets and points in a chart can be’karmic’). One’s destiny in this life. The things you are meant to integrate, move towards, become. Destined relationships and relationship issues can show up here.

 The Moon’s South Node is on Pisces 4: HEAVY CAR TRAFFIC LINKING TWO SEASIDE RESORTS – this degree can have us running around, driving back and forth, thinking too much, just being generally too busy. Sometimes this is fine, but, it can get wearying after a while. The South Node here could be asking us to see where and when we can sit and just be instead of the continual back and forth, up and down, in and out that we might be experiencing.

This shows moving about, getting from destination to destination in a free flowing manner. Driving or flying or in a bus; there’s lots of activity going on. There’s also a need for space sharing, patience and give-and-take as people have their own needs. This can show communications and linkages between separate worlds leading to increased pleasure, OR, frustration, confusion or psychic indigestion and the need for a holiday. There’s a lot going on and confusion can set in if one doesn’t follow the rules to ensure a smooth flow of operations. Being ‘squeezed-in’ can bring a sense of panic but it can also bring pleasurable interchange between people and a chance to tune out.

Keywords: Going with the flow. Running back and forth. Having to move continually. Pollution and car exhaust. Rush hour and road-rage. Plans for arrivals and departures. Public holidays. Traffic jams. Traffic banking up. Having trouble making left hand turns. Detours. Packing and unpacking. Luggage. Travel itineraries. Impasses. Nervous systems. Urine therapy. Constant phone calls. Switchboard jams. Heat and smog.

The Caution: Distrust of connecting elements. Creating barriers. Constant traffic. No real human interchange. Road rage. Traffic works. No time for leisure. Accidents. No escape.

The Moon’s South Node symbolizes: Past karmic patterns to be overcome, can be habits that are good, but can describe things, relationships, issues that you need to let go of, or, hold you back from manifesting your true destiny. Relationships that feel karmic and difficult, memories from the past.

Working With The Lunar Energies

Setting your intentions on the new moon.

The new Moon each month marks a time of new beginnings and realisations. It’s like a birth after a time of gestation or being ‘in the womb’. Here, the light begins to return and we can see new beginnings and possibilities. A new Moon means that the Sun and the Moon are both together – bringing a synergy of their energies together. The new Moon is a perfect time to set your intentions for the future. This period is wonderful for planting seeds of whatever kind.

What do you want to manifest in your future? Whether you write it down, sing about it or just hold the thought forms in your mind, doing this at the new Moon can realise some fabulous results around the things that you want to draw into your life.

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