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ascension_daliJupiter, over the next three weeks, until around the 8th October, is transiting the Super Galactic Center (SGC), this is a wonderful, once only every 12 years, occurrence. The SGC is that part of the zodiac that is super-charged and contains and radiates very powerful energies. I write this in the hopes that it will give you encouragement and bring you joy.

Addendum: Mars, as I write this (September 22), is on the Galactic Center, on Sagittarius 27: THE SCULPTOR’S VISION IS SLOWLY BUT SURELY TAKING FORM – the following is my shortened interpretation of this degree –

This Symbol shows the ability, or the necessity, of being able to project one’s visions, thoughts or ideals out into the world so that they take form and come into conscious manifestation. This is the degree of the Galactic Center and it holds an enormous charge of energy and power, something not to be taken lightly. There is a responsibility inherent in this degree for you to understand that your thoughts will often take shape, so be careful about what you think! You may find yourself in situations where you can manipulate events into something of value and lasting integrity. Slow, painstaking work will bring rewards as things come to fruition. You are able to project shape and form onto materials to have a desired outcome. Follow your “Vision”, be creative; picture an outcome and watch it materialize!

Concrete creative manifestation. The Godhead. The Mind of God. Molding shapes and forms. The Galactic Center. Evolution. The Law of Attraction. Sculptors. Visions ahead of time.

The Caution: Disregard of others’ needs. Unnatural focus on goal. Being one-eyed about things or objectives. Thinking that things will just magically happen without effort.

and, tomorrow, (September 22), Mars will be on Sagittarius 28 – the exact degree of the Galactic Center. Here’s my shortened interpretation of this degree:


This Symbol speaks of the ability, or the necessity, to be able to build bridges between places, people and events in order to bring them together and to add cohesion to society. The “Bridge” implies strength, dependability and passage to other places. The bridge was built many years ago and it presents the ability to be able to reach back into time, to reflect on what was important then and what’s important now. Often these values are one and the same. Traditional ways of approaching things can lead to the best solutions. There is a linking of people, places and things with clarity.

Enduring elements from past traditions providing a link with the modern. Reverence for things of worth that stand as reminders of yesterday. Permanence. Getting in touch.

The Caution: Sticking with old and possibly outworn methods. No new ideas to resolve situations. Continually traveling the “trued and true” path without deviating.

Jupiter is, right now, as I write this (September 15), exactly on the SGC, and, Jupiter’s expansive nature brings us the fabulous opportunity of being able to connect with our life purpose, ideals, beliefs, spirituality, etc.

The SCG is said to be where ‘The Mind Of God’ resides, and it, along with the Galactic Center of the late degrees of Sagittarius, brings a connection to us with the law of manifestation, the Law Of Attraction, the power of new thought – whatever one wants to call it – it’s about giving shape and form to our dreams, ideals and visions into manifest reality.

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The Sabian Symbol for Jupiter at Libra 2 – and, it’s the exact degree of the SGC – (quoting from my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom – 


Commentary: The ‘Light of the Sixth Race Transmuted to the Seventh’. This may be a time of new beginnings—the implementation of a whole new order. A feeling of ascension is present here, with people approaching an entirely new level of living and operating. There’s a need to be with or communicate with people who have shared visions and hopes for the future. We have a choice: the fruits of past experience can bring either light or dark to the present.

Oracle: This Symbol can show a leap ahead in consciousness, so much so that the old ways ascensionof functioning and living are no longer satisfying, or even possible. Sometimes the old codes for living are actually somewhat unsustainable or unbearable. It’s best to respect the value of what is waning and leaving your life, taking all the best qualities of the past with you. Many things that were important before have now lost their imperative. The objectives that one wants to aim for are, or have, changed radically in the realization of this new age. The aspects of modern society are often left behind for a higher, more “evolved” state. This Symbol often shows someone who is within reach of their ultimate potential. A “new order” needs to be implemented and the time has come for it to happen. There are likely to be many who share the same aspirations as you, people who are on the same road and see the same signs. Join with those who are working at something truly worthwhile, as this will see you moving further and further towards a chosen future, rather than one that is just foisted on you by society. Some may not want to join you in your journey, though. Regardless of this progression and ascension, there is a need to remain rooted in the reality of practicality. Otherwise, you, or someone else, may lose the way in the glamour or “fog” that these new, sometimes deeply spiritual, realities can bring.

Keywords: Younger or more vital elements taking over from the elders. The fruits of the new age. Theosophy—Blavatsky’s theories. Finding kindred spirits. Sharing visions. Ascension and evolution. Inheritances that move one forward. Growing older and wiser. UFO’s and aliens. Music that lifts one’s spirits. Gurus and avatars. Demarcations of evolution. Transmutations. Indigo children. Evolving.

The Caution: Losing touch with practical survival. Can be racial (or other) discrimination. Feeling that one is from a “higher” order (or more evolved) than other people. Leaving others behind.

The Karmic Condition of Libra 2 is Libra 1. Jupiter has recently transited over this degree as it ingressed (entered) Libra. This can have us feeling as if we were stuck, not able to move, perhaps not feeling appreciated for our intrinsic nature, sacrificing ourselves for some ideal, confined by outer circumstances, etc.


butterfly-perfectly-preserved-and-made-perfect-with-a-dart-through-itCommentary: ‘A Butterfly Preserved and Made Perfect With a Dart Through It’ is an image of beauty captured and preserved for it to be admired and appreciated. People such as Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, J.F.K., Princess Diana can appear like the ‘Butterfly that is Preserved and Made Perfect’. They inspire awe and beauty in us, they represent something we aspire to and long for. No matter how old they were when they died, their deaths feel somewhat like a sacrifice; they left us far too soon. However, like the ‘Butterfly’, they will remain forever beautiful and unchanging in our minds and culture. Their ‘Butterfly’ is ‘Preserved and Made Perfect’ by being kept forever in this ‘Perfect’ unchanging state.

Oracle: Beauty in shape or form has been frozen in one moment, denying the natural processes of decay. An archetypal death is symbolized and perhaps a type of ‘Perfection’ is enshrined through a sacrifice. As inspiring as this process can be, it can show difficulties in shifting or moving on. This Symbol can also picture an event that is frozen in time, like something that we just can’t forget or let go of. Feelings of being stuck and immobilized, whether real or imagined, won’t help at the moment. Perhaps there’s a feeling that you, or someone else, are being used for something that you don’t agree with or can’t really benefit from. A movie may be playing in your mind, over and over, like it’s somehow pinned on a ‘Dart’. Whatever the situation, is there progress being made or is this a situation of capture, sacrifice and death? Is something being postponed because of an inability to move? What sacrifices are being asked? Is sacrifice really necessary, or is someone being used as a martyr, tied to a situation or an ideal? Are judgments being made on outer beauty rather than inner depth? Are issues from the past pinning you down and stopping you from forward movement?

Keywords: Perfection and beauty made immortal. Holding onto things or events from the1a-omg-eating-9-7-16 past. Unchanging realities. Moments frozen in time. Superficiality. External beauty that’s lacking animation. Pinning things up so they can be admired. The “handiwork” of creation on display. Transfiguration. Suspension in time. Posters.

The Caution: Impinging others’ growth for selfish needs. Surrender and immobilization. Pinned down and unable to move. The attempt to freeze things from growing naturally. Placing importance on preserving appearances at the expense of all else. Staying far too long. Seeing no future. Having no past. Not letting go.

*The beautiful photograph of the caterpillar is by Daria Fedorovich Murphy.*

So, here we are in a journey of Jupiter through the degrees of the SGC. It’s really inspiring, hopeful, and expansive. What could be more expansive than the feeling of connecting in with The Mind Of God? (however we happen to see it).

Jupiter will be on Libra 2: THE LIGHT OF THE SIXTH RACE TRANSMUTED TO THE SEVENTH until September 19, when it moves onto (the following is my shortened interpretations – these are in Solar Fire).


Vladimir Kush The Dawning Of A New DayThis Symbol pictures sudden, new beginnings happening periodically in one’s life. Things can change so quickly that it’s hard to believe at first, but eventually it dawns on you that things are different in the light of a “New Day”. Take heart, realize that the darkness is abating, gradually let go of what went before and embrace the new opportunities that beckon. This can show someone who moves around a lot or goes through several big transformations in their lives or have to weather big changes that often come up. However, there’s a need to guard against being fickle and wanting to move on too readily when one should perhaps stay with a situation and work on it.

New perspectives and realizations. Waking up to a new consciousness or reality. Radical shifts and changes. Huge changes that erase what went before. Events out of nowhere.

The Caution: Holding on to the past despite all evidence and reason to move on OR being the first one out the door. Refusing that things are getting better. Unstable behavior. Fickleness.

Then, on September 24, Jupiter moves on to:


This Symbol implies the desire or the need to be with others who share similar feelings, Spiritual Communion Around The Campfire 1920aspirations and goals and beliefs. There is a common focus here amongst the “Group” that opens up to creative and enlivening possibilities. There may be the feeling of being ‘out there’, in the ‘wilderness’, and you may be in some way, whether you’re miles from anywhere or you’ve been bought together by something very unique or unusual. It may be important to keep in mind that you don’t have to be going alone – there is a “Group” of people who share the same beliefs and concerns. Gathering with them will lift your spirits. The “Campfire” can be anything that unites people in a common cause.

Material concerns left behind. Pioneering with like-minded others. Unity. Fellowship. Campfires. Sweat lodges. Having a common focus, interest, hobby or perspective, etc.

The Caution: Being too dependent on others. Feeling left out and having to fend for one’s self. Rejecting fellowship because of feeling lost or alone. Obsession with objectives.

September 28, Jupiter moves on to: 


a-man-teaching-the-true-inner-knowledge-to-his-students-sayingThis Symbol implies the gaining of wisdom and the passing on of knowledge to others who are receptive to the teachings. It can also show ‘channeling’ of pure instinctual knowledge. Whether you are a “Student” or a “Teacher”, information is available to you and others and there’s much to be learnt. The “True Inner Knowledge” may be conventional teachings or wisdom, although it’s more likely to be more modern concepts that are being passed on as this is about “The New World”. Insight, knowledge, and, experience are present.

Conventional certifications of knowledge, such as diplomas, are probably not important; it’s what’s being brought through that’s important.

Looking within. Being a guiding light. Seeking the truth. Teachers of the “New World”. Having the answers that others seek. Listening and learning. Instinctual knowledge.

The Caution: Dogmatism. Believing that one has the only answers. Arrogance. Evangelism. The blind leading the blind. Feeling above everybody. Gurus and cult dogma.

October 3, Jupiter moves on to (I consider this degree to be the last degree of the SGC).


This Symbol is one of the few Sabian Symbols that speak directly of the idea of the ‘law of A Man Watches His Ideals Taking Concreteattraction’; as a person imagines, so does their outer reality take shape and bring to them what they were imagining. In your life you’ll find vivid examples of thoughts manifesting as things – other times they may happen without you really realizing it. Ideals are not only bought into the light of reality but they are put to the test. This shows the ability to be able to visualize your thoughts and feelings and it possible to project your creative ideas out into the real world. What you think will happen can happen.

Confrontations with objectives. Meditations and affirmations. The need to be careful of what’s wanted. Writing and being published. Designs and plans. The Secret. Builders.

The Caution: Being dissatisfied with what was thought to be the ideal. Not being careful what you ask for. Neurosis. Focusing on the negative thereby bringing the negative.

So, we have Jupiter on the SGC until October 7. What a fabulous few weeks we have coming up. With the upcoming lunar eclipse being such a doozy, and, a rather challenging energy, we can take heart that Jupiter can bring us wonderful and satisfying outcomes. We must stay committed to goals and dreams.

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